Montina Cooper’s ‘Better’

Montina Cooper. Right now you might not really recognize this name, but believe me, after listening to her first single ‘Better’ you will remember it. Others may know her as one of Beyoncé’s backing singers, The Mamas, but either way Montina’s decision of recording a single is a total breath of fresh air.

This radio-friendly track stands on a pure R&B beat, but it’s elegantly decorated with electro arrangements that make it much more current than most of the R&B stuff out there. The lyrics are more than meaningful “I swear to you that I can be better / Oh baby I want to be better (…) I know I messed up / But can we make up?” And of course, Montina’s perfect voice. The combination of all these elements give us a smooth but up-tempo ballad that sounds real, pure and organic, far from all the prefabricated and autotuned pop that is dominating the charts right now.

The track will quickly grow on you, so get the replay button ready on your ipod. Seriously, this song can’t get any “better”.

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