More photos of the rebuilt TARDIS

Splurge! Yep, that was the sound of a billion geeks collectively climaxing at the sight of The Doctor’s new TARDIS interior!

These pics are featured in the Radio Times today and show The Doctor ([[Matt Smith]]) and Amy Pond ([[Karen Gillan]]) posing inside the rebuilt TARDIS interior. For reasons that will soon be revealed, The Doctor’s latest regeneration caused the [[TARDIS (Doctor Who)|TARDIS]] to erupt in flames. The exterior windows were blown out and columns inside the time machine collapsed.

Doctor Who series 5 TARDIS interior

Wide shot of the TARDIS console room: This pic shows you all you need to know. There are three visible levels – one underneath the console with some enigmatic swiss-cheese holes in the ground, the console level itself, and stairs leading to a higher level on the right hand side.

You can see the police box doors in the far distance, beyond the console. And piquing my interest (and yours too now) is another staircase on the left leading off to Who-knows-where? It’s clearly massive on the inside.

The Doctor and Amy Pond inside the TARDIS

This one’s more of a vanity shot for Smith and Gillan, but you can clearly see a monitor suspended from above the TARDIS controls, and I think that’s the upper level directly behind them.

Interestingly, the extent of the changes to the TARDIS makes me wonder how The Doctor gets the job done – does he do all the work himself (when does he find the time?), or does he get a team of builders in?

Update: Apparently Steven Moffat has said the new TARDIS:

contains gadgets galore, from a gramophone speaker to a typewriter. The TARDIS rebuilds itself in the first episode because it was damaged when David Tennant regenerated. Matt’s Doctor is mad so the TARDIS builds itself around that and gives him what it thinks he would understand. Like Mart’s Doctor, it is a gorgeous shambles, a mess and elegant at the same time.

Amy and The Doctor on the lower level of the TARDIS

This one shows The Doctor and Amy on the lower level – we can see the TARDIS console’s main column continuing down into a kind of metallic sphere. I love how the walls of the TARDIS curve down into the floor.

Doctor Who: The TARDIS console, series 5

Finally…a wider angle on the console floor. It’s nice to see the random bits of cabling descending from the roof. This shot’s a bit disorienting. I don’t think we’ll totally get our bearings with this rebuilt TARDIS until we’ve seen it in action one or two times.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the new TARDIS. Good or bad? Too much or too little? Was it what you expected?

To wrap this post up, here’s the first minute of [[The Eleventh Hour (Doctor Who episode)|The Eleventh Hour]] – the last few moments of Tennant’s TARDIS before it gets a radical makeover!

Photo via Radio Times and io9. The [[Doctor Who Series 5|fifth series]] of [[Doctor Who (TV Series)|Doctor Who]] starts this weekend on BBC One.

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