Movie Review: Star Wars Episode III – Rise Lord Vader

Revenge Of The Sith promotional poster.

For about a fortnight now, I’ve been driving past a huge hoarding with the “Rise Lord Vader” poster, showing Vader in classic “Remote Choke” pose. Although I was never a big fan of the original Star Wars films, and like the rest of the planet hated Episodes I and II, this time I started to get chills of expectation. This would be the film that transformed the young Anakin Skywalker into the formidable Darth Vader!

Revenge Of The Sith doesn’t disappoint – it’s got space battles,
extended lightsaber sequences, everything you’ve come to expect from
Star Wars. Of course, we were all there to see how Lucas would tie off
the story so that Episode IV: A New Hope would pick up from there, and
for my money he does a good job. If you consider that Star Wars
essentially charts the life and death of Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader,
then this film is arguably one of the most important in the whole series.

I’ve since read a few reviews that rubblished the dialog and the
acting. What were they expecting, Shakespeare? Natalie Portman,
admittedly, was diabolical as the carrier of Vader’s sprogs. I honestly
didn’t care for her at all – terrible for such a central character!
Whatever they say about Hayden Christensen, I personally thought he
handled Anakin’s fall to the Dark Side admirably.

After Kenobi
left Anakin for dead on a lava beach, the cinema waited with baited
breath for the moment of Vader’s birth (which was cleverly juxtaposed
with the birth of his two children, now I think about it!). As Vader
rises in his new form he turns to Palpatine/Sidious and asks about
Padme. If you haven’t seen it yet, prepare to fall off your seat
laughing as Darth Vader pulls of the most awful “Nooooooooo!” in cinema
history!!! Pure cliche, utter dross! But absolutely hilarious!

Someone, somewhere else said that Revenge Of The Sith is nothing
like The Phantom Menace or Attack Of The Clones. Nor is it like the
original three films. It is somewhere in between. But, weaknesses
aside, I thought it was a great movie and having been subjected to The
Phantom Menace a few days later can testify that it is far superior to
the other prequels.

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