Mrs Biggs- Is It Worth Watching?

Mrs Biggs is a five part drama which focuses on the famous Ronnie Biggs played by Daniel Mays and his first wife played by the wonderful Sheridan Smith. We are now two episodes in and the drama is enfolding…

ITV are giving us some brilliant dramas at the moment and currently the one everybody is talking about is Mrs Biggs. The true story (although it has been dramatised) which is being shown in five parts really gives us a different angle on the whole train robbery. Charmian Biggs was just 17 when she was swept off her feet by a young Ronnie Biggs. She went against her father’s wishes, running away with Ronnie and stealing from her job so that they could set up life together. However, the law caught up with them and Ronnie was sent down for just over 2 and a half years. When he got out, the lovers decided to marry and they had two sons. Ronnie was on the straight and narrow and they had a good life for a couple of years. However, when their landlord decided to sell up Charmian was devastated and Ronnie tried to get the money so that they could buy the house. When he asks old friend Bruce for some money, he offers him the chance to make 150,000. He doesn’t tell Charmian and he goes along with Bruce and gets involved in the famous train robbery. Charmian calls the police to ask them to find him as his brother has died. When he returns he admits to her he was involved and shows her the money. She is very upset but helps him decide where the money should go and where it should be kept to keep safe. However, the police come calling and as Ronnie has no alibi and his fingerprints were found, he is taken away. Charmian is devastated and has trouble when ‘protectors’ arrive and she is forced to give them money. At the end of the second episode, we show Ronnie being sent down for 30 years.

Daniel Mays plays the part well of Ronnie but it’s Sheridan who shines in the role of Mrs Biggs. Normally she plays a comical part and I have also seen her in musicals, but Sheridan acts her socks off in this role. You can see the emotion and the hard situation that Charmian must have been in and you do sympathise with the lady. The drama sticks quite well to the story and with the famous Mrs Biggs being very involved with the drama, they are able to tell the story well with real emotion. I think the drama is very good and compelling and I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next.


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