MUSIC NEWS: 30 October 2010

For my loyal readers, I would like to apologise for my lack of activity on this blog as of late. The move to university and another new town has had me neglect my blogging activities in favour of concentrating more on my academic and social life so that explains my long absence from writing anything on this blog. However, I do think I can cram some blogging in also as I enjoy it and it helps my writing skills.

So from now on, I will write daily (or possibly second daily) articles on all that is going on in the music industry at the minute and allow OddOne, Gerard or any other musically inclined writers on here to elaborate further on all the newest singles, albums, leaks, gossip and music videos as they see fit.

Now to get started…

New Music Videos

Katy Perry: Firework

Katy Perry has premiered the music video for her latest smash Firework, the third single from the Teenage Dream album. For the inspirational anthem, the new Mrs. Russell Brand has taken a Christina Aguilera Beautiful approach with the common insecure stereotypes – an overweight chick, a gay guy, a cancer patient – overcoming their low self esteem issues and gaining the confidence to do what they always wanted thanks to KP’s screechy singing voice and fireworks shooting from their chests. Yep, Katy Perry still manages to sneak in some shots of her massive jugs into the otherwise serious video. Shameless.

All jokes aside, the video is a visual treat and Katy, as always, looks majorly hot! Only she can rock that partly purple hair combined with regal gown she’s wearing in the MV. However, there are many scenes that don’t really ring through in real life. Like the gay guy gaining the confidence to kiss another guy in the club. More likely you’d end up with a broken nose rather than reciprocation! (Perhaps the guy just has a pitch perfect gaydar) And if your mugged, it doesn’t matter how confident you are, you’re still going to get mugged! And the cancer patient leaving the hospital to dance on the streets. Just no!

Alesha Dixon: Radio

After the admittedly rather good Drummer Boy sort of flopped, Strictly Come Dancing judge Alesha Dixon is in need of another hit if she wants to see the success (or release even) of third album The Entertainer.

I quite like emotional ballad Radio, it has a mid 2000s pop-R&B feel which is always good. Alesha’s voice is very nice, there are some parts in the verses where she sounds almost like Macy Gray. The video – I don’t really get though. I don’t understand the American trailer park setting and I found the couple fighting (bordering on domestic abuse) poorly executed and dragged out. There was no sense of resolution or something. Maybe Dixon is trying to ride off of the success of Love The Way You Lie…???

Nicole Scherzinger: Poison

Nicole Scherzinger has also premiered the video for what will probably be her first big hit, Poison. I really like the RedOne produced club banger (which thanks to the presence of some spiky electric guitars and synths doesn’t sound as generic as some of his other work) but I’m a little disappointed by the video.

Normally I would be impressed but because it was directed by the legendary Joseph Kahn, I can’t help but feel a little let down. One of the things about Kahn’s work is that his music videos always have a sense of scope – a very cinematic, movieeque feel. Watching a hot Nicole perform some energetic choreography in what is very obviously a studio hasn’t worked as well as it would have if a hot Nicole were to perform some energetic choreography in a sprawling city. Plus the spy superhero thing has been done to death thanks to Ne-Yo and other Jospeh Kahn directed Britney videos such as Toxic and Womanizer.

But most importantly can this be a hit for Nicole’s ill-fated solo career? I’m unsure if the US will take to it but I think this can be a huge hit in Europe, particularly in the UK, judging by her popularity as a guest judge on X-Factor. If Simon invites her to perform it on one of the live shows, then she’s sorted.

Nelly Furtado: Night Is Young

The wonderful and versatile Nelly Furtado has released the video for new single Night Is Young, taken from her first Greatest Hits collaboration The Best Of Nelly Furtado, due 15 November.

I don’t have much to say about the song or video. The video is fun as we see Nelly and the choir she directs leave the church and hit the town for a night of what I assume is a night of drunken debauchery. Those religious types, doing what you least expect! The song is a rather safe party track but has a New Wavey 1980s influence which makes it at least listenable from all the other trash out at the minute. Unfortunately, the track hasn’t had much of an effect chartwise but it could be worse, this is only a compilation single and not one to lead off a new album so it’s not all doom and gloom. However, Ms. Furtado has been under the radar since 2007 with her album Loose so she better hope that her forthcoming album Lifestyle doesn’t do a Bionic when it’s released early next year.

Slash featuring Fergie: Beautiful Dangerous


Fergie ft.Slash – Beautiful Dangerous (Official Music Video)
Uploaded by ChaOko_01. – Music videos, artist interviews, concerts and more.Rock ‘n’ roll has been sadly absent from the charts for some time now but perhaps things can turn around for former Guns ‘N’ Roses Slash with the addition of Black Eyed Peas alum Fergie on latest single Beautiful Dangerous.

I absolutely adore this song because it’s an out-loud screechy, hard rocking, guitar heavy number which is becoming increasingly hard to find in 2010. Slash is on fine form here with the ax-wielding but it’s Fergie who truly shines. Seriously, she’s one of the most underrated vocalists but here she shows she can truly rock with the best of them. I’m hoping after Black Eyed Peas are finished with The Beginning, Fergie goes off and makes her second solo record a rock one because it would just be amazing.

The video has some disturbing connotations mainly because it shows a drugged up, drunken, renewed blonde Fergie stumbling across a filthy, vermin infested apartment and date raping Slash. This is particularly jarring because it references Fergie’s former life as a meth addict. However, it’s a nice change from the fun yet shallow dance music Fergie is known more for lately.

Robyn: Indestructible

Singing Swede, Robyn, brings us the video for new single, the danced up version of Indestructible, which appears in acoustic form on Body Talk Pt. 2 with this version acting as the lead single from the third and final installment in the Body Talk series.

The song is very typical of Robyn as of late – dancey but also cosy and melancholy. But if it ain’t broke, why fix it?! Plus Robyn looks very beautiful in the video. She doesn’t really do anything for me in that way but she does look beautiful in an artsy sort of way.

Alexandra Burke: The Silence

The final of many music videos which have premiered very recently is Alexandra Burke’s Christmas cash-in new single The Silence which was originally supposed to follow Broken Heels as the third single but was pushed back twice in favour of the more upbeat (and more Summery) All Night Long and Start Without You.

The black and white clip does the job of showing Alexandra look glamorous and beautiful while emoting to the camera. With a song as big and majestic as The Silence, you don’t want a video overshadowing it anyway. My only problem is that Alex never releases already perfectly fine album tracks as singles – she always has to tweak them in someway, be it adding a guest rapper (Pitbull and Laza Morgan) or in this case remixing it. With a choir. Yes, the dreaded choir! While not horrendous, it is just so typical of Simon Cowell.

New Album Tracklistings

Black Eyed Peas: The Beginning

The Black Eyed Peas have premiered the album tracklisting for their new album The Beginning, due for release 30th November. The album will be a continuation of the popular dance sound found on previous album The E.N.D. and will contain twelve tracks, with more added with the release of a two disc deluxe edition. The album will be preceded by the very club friendly Dirty Dancing sampling The Time (The Dirty Bit) which I’m not sure if I love or hate! Its sure to sound excellent in a club but’s over-reliance on sampling lately, especially cheesy ’80s numbers has put me off big time. Still I love BEP and their quirky charm so I’m sure I’ll still get this album.

Standard edition:


  1. The Time (The Dirty Bit)
  2. Light Up The Night
  3. Love You Long Time
  5. Someday
  6. Whenever
  7. Fashion Beats
  8. Don’t Stop The Party
  9. Do It Like This
  10. The Best One Yet (The Boy)
  11. Just Can’t Get Enough
  12. Play It Loud
Deluxe edition:
  1. The Time (The Dirty Bit)
  2. Light Up The Night
  3. Love You Long Time
  5. Someday
  6. Whenever
  7. Fashion Beats
  8. Don’t Stop The Party
  9. Do It Like This
  10. The Situation
  11. The Coming
  12. Own It
  13. The Best One Yet (The Boy)
  14. Just Can’t Get Enough
  15. Play It Loud
Super deluxe edition bonus tracks:
16. Everything Wonderful
17. Phenonenom
18. Take It Off
Disc 2 (Super deluxe edition only):
  1. Boom Boom Pow
  2. I Gotta Feeling
  3. Meet Me Halfway
  4. Imma Be
  5. Rock That Body

Ke$ha: Cannibal

File:Cannibal cover.jpg

Meanwhile, everyone’s favourite dumpster squatter Ke$ha is set to release a new EP, imaginatively titled Cannibal. Like Lady GaGa’s The Fame Monster and Usher’s Versus, it will be available as a standalone 9 track EP as seen in the first image above or packaged alongside Ke$ha’s debut album Animal if you haven’t got round to buying it already. The album will be preceded by the generic We R Who We R but maybe there will be better songs on the EP. The record also contains the recently leaked Sleazy (see below), a remix of the rather splendid Animal title track and demo CUNX Tuesday.


  1. Cannibal
  2. We R Who We R
  3. Sleazy
  4. Blow
  5. The Harold Song
  6. Crazy Beautiful Life
  7. Grow A Pear
  8. CUNX Tuesday (pronounced See You Next Tuesday
  9. Animal (Billboard Remix) (click the link to hear the original version)

New Songs

Ke$ha: Sleazy

And so I shall leave you with the recently leaked Sleazy, a song from Ke$ha’s much anticipated new EP Cannibal. I like it! It sees Ke$ha ditch the singy rappy upbeat electropop for a full out urban rap song about not being a gold digger. A bit reminiscent of something Ciara would do.


And now I bid you farewell! (That was a long post)

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