MUSIC NEWS: 31 October and 1 November 2010

Happy belated Hallowe’en all! I hope you had plenty of fun last night whether you were rocking some ridiculous(ly) and/or scary costumes or spent a quiet night in watching your favourite horror movie!

Any ridiculous or scary things happening in music at the minute? Disappointingly no unless you count Wagner horrific vocals on X-Factor. But still there are some stories/events of interest. Read below to find out.

Live Performances

I guess the first thing to talk about in relation to live performance is The X-Factor. I’m not going to assess all the contestants performances on the show because it’s already been done on other areas of this site and – well, I quite frankly can’t be bothered! But Simon Cowell’s hit show did feature a whopping three guest stars.

Bon Jovi featuring The X-Factor Finalists: Livin’ On A Prayer on X-Factor

The American rockers performed their 24 year old mega hit Livin’ On A Prayer last night and were rather cringily joined by The X-Factor finalists who didn’t really do a lot of singing to be honest – looking at Rebecca from Belle Amie, she was more concerned with performing some serious air guitar. Was cute though. I wondered why the aging rockers didn’t perform their new single What Do You Got? from their latest Greatest Hits compilation but according to Professor Wikipedia, Livin’ On A Prayer was released on Hallowe’en Night, 1986 so I guess this marks the 24th anniversary of the song.

Jamiroquai: White Knuckle Ride on X-Factor

One of the rather surprising guests on the show last night was acid jazz band Jamiroquai who according to their VT have sold 25 MILLION ALBUMS! Impressive numbers for a group largely under the radar. Jay Kay and co plugged a lively, well sang performance of new single White Knuckle Ride. It was probably the guest star performance of the night but I’m just not that interested in Jamiroquai’s comeback to be bowled over.

Rihanna: Only Girl (In The World) on X-Factor

A very beautiful looking Rihanna was the final guest performance of the night with a live performance of her hit in waiting Only Girl (In The World). Thankfully after her horrendous performance of the track on SNL (see below), the Bajan babe got it together with some decent vocals and a surprisingly fun-filled energetic performance, something she’s often criticised for not bringing. I have to commend her for singing live unlike former X-Factor contestants such as Joe McElderry and Diana Vickers; and (debateably) Cheryl Cole. The food fight was ridiculous though.

Rihanna performs Only Girl and What’s My Name on Saturday Night Live; also performs new Shy Ronnie featured skit Ronnie and Clyde

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As you can see the Only Girl performance was rather horrendous. Rihanna’s vocals were breathless and she forgot a few of the words. Although I’m not crazy about her live performance of What’s My Name, I do really like the studio version of the Drake featured island slow jam. It’s so much better than the generic Only Girl. I also included the Shy Ronnie skit on SNL. I personally don’t find it funny at all but to each their own!

Kelly Rowland: When Love Takes Over, Commander and Forever And A Day at Starfloor

Apart from the strange decision to lip-sync Forever And A Day, K-Row shows she has just as good a vocal ability and stage presence as her former bandmate Beyoncé. Simply stunning!


For chart watch, I look at the Top 10s from UK, Ireland, US and Australia and give my opinion on them.

UK Top 10 Singles

1. Cheryl Cole: Promise This – Catchy but undeserving of No. 1

2. Rihanna: Only Girl (In The World) – Generic but better than Promise This

3. Bruno Mars: Just The Way You Are (Amazing) – Anyone getting bored of this gushy number?

4. Cee-Lo Green: Fuck You – Song’s starting to lose steam now

5. Mike Posner: Cooler Than Me – Hate THIS!

6. Katy Perry: Firework – Liking this better since the video came out

7. Duck Sauce: Barbara Streisand – Who would have thought a collection of “oooh-ooohs” followed by the name of an American singer could be a hit? I want to hate this but I can’t!

8. Nelly: Just A Dream – Yass! Old skool R&B returns. Well not old skool as in old skool but old skool as in early to mid ’00s R&B – i.e. no sampling, synthesizers or songs about shots

9. The Wanted: Heart Vacany – Quite a nice follow-up to the way overrated All Time Low for the rising boyband

10. Tinie Tempah featuring Eric Turner: Written In The Stars – Bored now!

UK Top 10 Albums

1. Kings Of Leon: Come Around Sundown – Appears to be a solid album. I’m having a hard time getting into it.

2. Michael Buble: Crazy Love – No doubt X-Factor helped rise this AC friendly album back up the charts

3. Joe McElderry: Wide Awake – According to OddOne, this is shockingly good.

4. The Wanted: The Wanted – I haven’t really taken to this group but many people have – and not just teenage girls! :O

5. Robbie Williams: Greatest Hits In And Out Of Consciousness – A stellar collection for those who want to get into Robbie

6. Taylor Swift: Speak Now – I’ll pass on this rom-com in audible form, thanks!

7. Tinie Tempah: The Disc-Overy – Haven’t heard it yet but I do wanna hear what this Ellie Goulding collab sounds like

8. Barbara Streisand: The Ultimate Collection – Babs is going to have to send a thank you letter to Duck Sauce

9. Katy Perry: Teenage Dream – I’d simply just wait for the singles

10. Soldiers: Letters Home – I don’t have anything snarky to say!

Irish Top 10 Singles

1. Cheryl Cole: Promise This

2. Rihanna: Only Girl (In The World)

3. Bruno Mars: Just The Way You Are (Amazing)

4. Katy Perry: Firework

5. Duck Sauce: Barbara Streisand

6. Cee-Lo Green: Fuck You

7. Mike Posner: Cooler Than Me

8. Michael Bublé: Hollywood – Shameface. I like this a lot, just like Haven’t Met You Yet

9. Tinie Tempah featuring Eric Turner: Written In The Stars

10. Nelly: Just A Dream

Irish Top 10 Albums

1. Kings Of Leon: Come Around Sundown

2. Michael Bublé: Crazy Love

3. The Script: Science & Faith – I am so bored of their samey soft rock love songs so I’ve passed on this CD.

4. Tommy Fleming: Going Back – Fleming has had a few gems throughout his career but I think I’ll pass.

5. Joe McElderry: Wide Awake

6. Taylor Swift: Speak Now

7. Katy Perry: Teenage Dream

8. Imelda May: Mayhem – Brilliant record! Why this woman isn’t globally famous yet, I will never know?!

9. Lady GaGa: The Fame Monster – What?! This is still in the Top 10!??

10. Imelda May: Love Tattoo – Another great record but its trumped by its follow-up!

US Top 10 Singles

1. Far*East Movement featuring Cataracts and Dev: Like A G6 – Dance has well and truly taken off in the States. Expect it to be No. 1 here in a month.

2. Bruno Mars: Just The Way You Are (Amazing)

3. Rihanna: Only Girl (In The World)

4. Nelly: Just A Dream

5. Usher featuring Pitbull: DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love – FUCK OFF!

6. Trey Songz featuring Nicki Minaj: Bottoms Up – Truly awful song, apart from Nicki’s bit!

7. Katy Perry: Teenage Dream – Still an enjoyable song but time to put this to bed

8. Taio Cruz: Dynamite – Again I ask you to FUCK OFF!

9. Flo Rida: Club Can’t Handle Me – US, catch up! The rest of the World has tired off this song and so should ye!

10. P!nk: Raise Your Glass – Glad to see P!nk back in the Top 10 but her new single is kind of boring and samey!

US Top 10 Albums

1. Sugarland: The Incredible Machine – I have no idea who these guys are!

2. Kings Of Leon: Come Around Sundown

3. Elton John and Leon Russell: The Union – Don’t think I care.

4. Rod Stewart: Fly Me To The Moon… The Great American Songbook: Volume V – Really don’t care!

5. Lil’ Wayne: I Am Not A Human Being – Judging by your “vocals”/rapping style, I would say you’re a horse!

6. Glee: The Rocky Horror Glee Show – Another corporate Glee EP! One LP a year is ENOUGH!

7. Shakira: Sale El Sol – It looks like Shakira returning to her Latin roots has the US embrace her again! Don’t ever change!

8. Eminem: Recovery – I actually get bored seeing the same album in the chart every week. Great for the artist but boring for me! Mix it up a little

9. Third Day: Move – Don’t know, don’t care.

10. Darius Rucker: Charleston, SC 1966 – Ditto to above.

Australian Top 10 Singles

1. Rihanna: Only Girl (In The World)

2. Bruno Mars: Just The Way You Are (Amazing)

3. Nelly: Just A Dream

4. P!nk: Raise Your Glass

5. Mike Posner: Cooler Than Me

6. Far*East Movement featuring Cataracts and Dev: Like A G6

7. Taio Cruz: Dynamite

8. Cee-Lo Green: Fuck You

9. Duck Sauce: Barbara Streisand

10. Zoe Badwi: Freefallin’ – Not a cover of the Tom Petty song but a rather shit dance number

Australian Top 10 Albums

1. Kings Of Leon: Come Around Sundown

2. Various Artists: Triple J’s Like A Version 6 – Uninterested.

3. John Varnham: Jack – Also uninterested.

4.  Rod Stewart: Fly Me To The Moon… The Great American Songbook: Volume V

5. Adam Lambert: For Your Entertainment – Good to see Lambo do very well somewhere at least

6. Angus And Julia Stone: Down The Way – Really like this brother-sister duo, haven’t listened to this record though

7. Katy Perry: Teenage Dream

8. Bruno Mars: Doo Wops & Hooligans – A collection of cheesy love songs?! Pass!

9. Eminem: Recovery

10. The Script: Science & Faith

New Songs

Nicki Minaj featuring Eminem: Roman’s Revenge

To finish up, here’s the much anticipated newly leaked Nicki Minaj/Eminem collaboration Roman’s Revenge. The track will appear on Nicki’s debut album Pink Friday. The song, like Minaj and Eminem themselves, is completely psychotic and wacky but strangely addictive with a weird hook of “Ruh ruh, like a dungeon dragon!”. Nicki also manages to get back at her haters such as has-been rapper Lil’ Kim and YouTube nobody Keys. I think my Nicki Minaj obsession continues. Might have to buy Pink Friday! :O

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