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I have just been listening to the top five single of the week here is what I think.

At Number 5 is the girl with the “Poker face” a follow of her number 1 single “Just Dance”, taken from her debut album “Fame”. This tune really got stuck in my head pretty much as soon as I heard it with lines such as I promise this! Promise this! Check this hand cause I’m marvelous!” and it’s up tempo beat similar to “Just dance” a very catchy song. Loved it soon as I heard it. Lady gaga has done really well so far poppy up pretty much every where you look Tv,magazines,billboards you name it.

Watch out for this one think she is a keeper…wouldn’t you say?

At number 4 it’s Calvin Harris with “Im not alone” some of us might recognise him from the number 1 single “Dance wiv me” by Dizzie Rascal.This song has a slow beginning but then grabs you with the fast beat. One you would like to listen to in the background or also could be a dance track. Pretty impressive though was a little let down by the video. 

At number 3 it’s Ironick feat Elton Jhon “Tiny dancer” not a pairing you would normal see but usually where the best music comes from bring people from different musical backgrounds togther. Although I was a lilttle secptical at first with this song after listening to it the words are meaningful, it’s chilled out and if you like different types of music this would definetly worth a listen. Elton Jhon brings a certain element to the song that propably wouldnt have worked as effectively otherwise.

Now we are at the top 2, and at number 2 it’s La Roux “In for the kill” confused? I was to had no idea who this person was. Personally I found the beat ok but as a song was not impressed at all the voice didnt seem to fit the song at all! hopefully the next single will be alot better.

At number 1 it’s Tinchy Strider feat N Dubz ” Number 1 how ironic!. This song I must say I love, one of those songs you see yourself dancing and singing along to, you know the ones i’m talking about we have all done it at some point or other!!.But yeah this song gets a great thumbs up from me.

But let me know what you think? do you think the right songs are in the top 5 or would you change them completly? 





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  1. Lisa McGarry

    I would put Lady Gaga at number one with Poker Face and two with Let’s Dance and keep her there all year. I haven’t heard a pop song in years that could rival their catchy qualities.


  2. Star Blogger 8

    I would do the same though I would change them around and put just dance at number 1 the amount of times that song is in my head it’s ridiculous. Wonder what her real name is?

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