MUSIC VIDEO #13: N*E*R*D* featuring Nelly Furtado: ‘Hot ‘N’ Fun’


Also reviewed earlier in the week, here are MY thoughts on N*E*R*D*’s new video. Hip-rockers N*E*R*D* make a return to the World of music, with new single Hot ‘N’ Fun from forthcoming albumNothing. Featuring Nelly Furtado, the video was directed by Telephone director Jonas Åkerlund. You can watch the video hereseeing as its being pulled down everywhere else.

While I do enjoy the feel good groove of the song, the video is very reminiscent of Ke$ha’s Your Love Is My Drug video as well as Lady GaGa and Beyoncé driving around a desert in the Pussywagon for Telephone. The blond lady in the Indian headdress, the Californian desert and the animated sequences recall Ke$ha’s most recent single. Not to mention Nelly Furtado being copy and pasted into the music video with some amateurish special effects. This isn’t the first time Ms. Furtado has had to be copy and pasted into a video – having done so already in Timbaland’sMorning After Dark as well as clearly not filming alongside James Morrison in his Broken Strings video. Don’t even get me started on her CGI presence in Flo Rida’s Jump. Surely she isn’t that busy that she can’t show up for a video shoot alongside her co-stars every now and then.

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  1. Gerard McGarry

    LOL, it struck me that Nelly must be some kind of germaphobe who doesn’t like being touched by other people. Hence the never appearing directly in people’s videos! Good song though, it’s always good to see N*E*R*D come back with something new.

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