MUSIC VIDEO #7: Justin Bieber featuring Usher: ‘Somebody To Love (Remix)’

Reviewed earlier in the week by Gerard, here are my two cents. Self obsessed lesbian lookalike Justin “I Don’t Know What A German Is” Bieber and his mentor Usher have teamed up for a remix to new single Somebody To Love, which is bound to give Bieber yet another hit. This time it’s deserved though as the song is a catchy little pop stomper with a stylish video to match. Clearly puberty is getting to young Bieber as his voice could be better on this track but thanks to a little help from Usher and some great choreography, Bieber has actually impressed me for once. Now if only he didn’t come across as a narcissistic little toe-rag pretending to act wholesome, I might actually start to like him.

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  1. Gerard McGarry

    Nice to see we’re singing from the same hymnsheet when it comes to Justin Bieber! It’s frustrating, because this is a great pop song, but I could never bring myself to like this kid. He’s 16, by the way. That never fails to surprise me, because he looks like he’s 11.

  2. RandomEnigma

    I generally half his age and refer to him as an eight year old. I think the kid has talent but he annoys me so much. First of all, I was watching him on Alan Carr a few months back and he kept flicking his hair in this annoying way. Sean Kingston says he likes to Google himself.

    And then also he takes himself far too seriously. After the infamous interview where he mentioned that he didn’t know what a German is (DESPITE READING THE WORD OF A BLOODY CUE CARD), he took to his Twitter page and said he thought that the interviewer said ‘Jewman’ and told everyone to stop hating on him because he’s only a 16-year-old. Well, boo-hoo! If he had just said “Screw it! I had a slow moment!” or blamed jet lag or something then I might actually have some respect for him. I’ve had moments where I mightn’t come across as the brightest person ever…nearly everyone has them.

  3. Dara Hickey

    “Self obsessed lesbian lookalike Justin “I Don’t Know What A German Is” Bieber” PAHAHAHAHA! Absolutely LOVE it!

    but yeah, one other things to note is the song is pretty good compared to his others but because it’s him and Usher it’s crap, that lyrics are boring and his dance moves scream Jedward.

    His mum must be pruoud.

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