MUSIC VIDEO: Christmas has begun with Mariah Carey’s new video ‘Oh Santa’

Mother-to-be Mariah Carey has premiered the video for her newest Yuletide number Oh Santa, taken from her forthcoming Christmas album Merry Christmas II You. The single is Mariah’s first Christmas single since the classic All I Want For Christmas Is You back in 1994.

While Mariah’s output in recent years has been fairly lacklustre, the woman has finally got it together and released a proper toe-tapper for all of us to enjoy 25th December. The song and video are very reminiscent of Outkast’s Hey Ya. Obviously not as good but some funky R&B with a deceptively catchy chorus and Mariah’s famous (or infamous) whistle register.

It’s been a long time since a single that specifically references Christmas was released without it being a piss take (yes Peter Kay, I’m looking at you) so I hope this beats the X-Factor winner to #1.

Well done Mariah!

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