MUSIC VIDEO: The Pretty Reckless go ’90s for third single ‘Just Tonight’

The Pretty Reckless continue with their revival of 1990s grunge imagery in the music video for new single Just Tonight.

The single is the third to be taken from their debut album Light Me Up, which has sold moderately and has spawned the Top 10 hit Make Me Wanna Die and the Top 40 single Miss Nothing. The song marks something of a departure for the Taylor Momsen lead band as it sounds more like an early Avril Lavigne track than the down and dirty grunge they’ve gone for with their first two singles. Momsen still manages to channel Courtney Love though in the dark and brooding video.

I love this group because the charts are severely lacking in rock music; unless you count the stadium rock of Kings Of Leon and The Killers, or the radio friendly, watered down tunes of The Script.

Check out Momsen (and the other three guys in the band) below.


  1. Dara Hickey

    Good to have you back Randy! Lovin’ this new single from The Pretty Reckless!

    Oh, and have you heard? P!nk’s new video for ‘Raise Your Glass’ has débuted; I just thought I’d mention it :L ;).

    Love this video!

    1. RandomEnigma

      Thank you! It’s good to be back…but I don’t know for how long! I like it too…in a way! But I would have much preferred the title track to be released as the third single or the rollicking Goin’ Down.

      I’m loving the whole ’90s thing The Pretty Reckless have going on though. I’ve sort of become obsessed with that decade recently.

      And I’ve just done a post on Raise Your Glass. 😉 Fun video!

      1. Gerard McGarry

        Well, however long it lasts, it’s good to have your ‘voice’ back on the site! 

        As for Pretty Reckless….wow. I really love this band. Normally I’d be slightly cynical about the sound coming from the 90s, but it’s so authentic. More than that, their use of synth and strings on this makes it a power ballad, but with the band’s own unique stamp.

        Yes, Momsen’s vocal is instantly identifiable, but it’s more than that, it’s the dynamic, the sound. Everything about this band works. I’ve got to go and listen to the album. (Discovers it’s available on we7!)

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