Must Be The Music 2010 – 2nd Semi-Final, liveblogged!

Before we start on the live coverage of tonight’s second semi-final, congratulations to the Must Be The Music artists who managed to chart this week with the songs that they performed on the show. Already living up to its promise to give these new artists a chance to earn money from their music! Well done!

With that knowledge, the three judges seem positively glowing with excitement since the show has been given an extra shot of credibility. So, on with the show? Let’s go…

The Pictures

London-based five-piece rock band, The Pictures are first on tonight. Jamie voices his reservations that the band “sound too much like the people they listen to”, and the boys have a job of convincing them otherwise.

They perform a new song called Tears, and we remember now that they have a violin player. Odd. Lead singer Johnny goes nuts as the song starts up and you can see this is going to be an energetic show. I love the guitarist with the black Les Paul. Good tune, could still use a bit of polish, but I like this band.

Sharleen: “Your bridge was really good, and when you hit the chorus, you really lifted the audience.” Jamie: “Sometimes you’ve got to come out with a massive attitude and a great song, and you did that.”


The mono-named piano prodigy known as Kyle learned to play by watching people performing on YouTube. He’s performing a song for us tonight called Red. What is there to say about a piano performance? Quite a lot actually. Kyle’s note perfect for the most part and alternates between morose passages and some playful, light moments. And it’s fascinating to watch his face as he plays. Really what he should do is form a group with Daithi from last week!

Jamie: “You’re a very very very talented young man…you have an innate sense of what will work. I’m proud to be part of a competition that has you here.” Dizzee: “I love all the different dynamics…it wasn’t too long or overindulgent.” Sharleen: “I think it’s really amazing the dynamics within the compositions you’re doing.”

The Trinity Band

The Trinity Band wowed us all first time round with a cover version. Tonight, though, they’re planning to show us an original composition. The song’s called This Must Be Love, which cleverly incorporates the show’s title at the start. Oh, this is golden! These guys are tight, funky and bring a real party vibe to the show. The singer with the red hat might be a tad too shouty though, but overall these guys are amazing!

Dizzee: “Everyone played their part well. I wanted to hear more rapping. I told you that last time and you delivered.” Jamie: “It didn’t quite cut it, I’m afraid. I didn’t think the song was up to it.” Sharleen: “I thought the Must Be The Music bit was a bit cheesy. If you can get a crowd going like that, you definitely deserve to go through.”

Ebony Steel Band

By far the biggest band on the show tonight – containing four generations of musicians. We loved them first time around, but Jamie Cullum has reservations that there’s nothing new about them. Oo-er.

Tonight, the band are performing their version of Rihanna’s Don’t Stop The Music. Good move putting the cute girls up front, and their instrumental version is bags of fun. Even Cullum is nodding his head along. They even throw in their own little vocal bit – sadly, that may be the weak part of it. The vocals weren’t wonderful.

Jamie: “You bring the party everywhere you go. Do I see it in the final at Wembley? No.” Dizzee: “It was hype, but it weren’t as good as the last thing. The singing came in late and it was a bit off. I don’t know if I can see it in Wembley.” Sharleen: “As Dizzee said, it took you to the second verse to come in with the vocals. For Wembley…sorry.”

Emma’s Imagination

They kind of threw Emma onto the stage. But there she stands with an acoustic guitar and a sweet, slightly breathy vocal. The song is beautiful, and Emma’s vocals are perfect. This could already be a hit. The Sky Twitter account claims she’s already at #85 on iTunes before she’s even played a note.

Sharleen: “I honestly think you’ve just written yourself a hit record. It was beautiful…had so many highs and lows…the song sounds like a hit record to me.” Dizzee: “I think you’re a star.” Jamie: “Your voice and your guitar playing, it aches with hundreds of hours of practice. You absolutely deserve to be here. Well done.”

Tonight’s Acts…Rated

An amazing show tonight. Here’s my take on how the acts performed:

  1. Emma’s Imagination
  2. The Trinity Band
  3. The Pictures
  4. Ebony Steel Band
  5. Kyle

All the judges favoured Emma and The Pictures. However, I stand by my original opinion that The Trinity Band were slightly better than The Pictures, even despite the slightly cheesy intro to their song!

Stay tuned for the results and who’s progressing to the finals!

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