Must Be The Music: CK Gospel Choir perform Lovely Day

I love these guys! Tonight, the CK Gospel Choir are performing the Bill Withers classic Lovely Day.

Oh. I don’t know how this sounds in the studio, but the vocals are jarring. The harmonies sound awful, and the singer who sang lead at the start set them off badly. I think this might be the first serious train wreck of the night. Sorry to say that, but it’s how I feel.

It’s a shame when a band you love comes up with an arrangement that leaves you cold. These guys were much sharper the first time around.

Sharleen: Guys, you’re better than that. I don’t what you were doing. You’ve got ten vocals up there and all you were doing was layering it. I didn’t hear any vocal arrangements with the harmonies, you smoothed it right out. For me, we’ve got to talk about Wembley here and I don’t feel it was as exciting as last time. Dizzee: I think the same. I liked some of the things you tried to do with it. That was a classic song, and I don’t think you made it any more exciting than the original. I like you as a group, but I don’t know if that was worthy of Wembley. Jamie: I think now we have more of a sense of what this competition’s about, but unless you’re bringing something new to the table…

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