Must Be The Music: Hero performs Swept Away

Hero is a pint-sized harpist who wowed the judges with her original audition piece, Swept Away.

It’s a beautiful classical piece with a vocal that is reminiscent of You Raise Me Up. Again, it’s like I said about Kyan, Must Be The Music is drawing out some amazing composers and musicians. Hero has a crystaline quality to her voice, and though it’s not my own personal taste, you have to respect the girl’s musicianship and talent.

Jamie: You talk about a journey going on for miles in your song and really this is the beginning of your journey. You started it when you picked up the harp and started writing songs. You mustn’t get swallowed up by this business…you’re a real talent. You’re only eleven and that frightens the hell out of me. Dizzee: That was a big performance. Loved the vocal control. I saw you playing a few little tricks and that. You still stood out, and it wasn’t just because of your age, it was because of your ability. Sharleen: You didn’t seem nervous at all in that performance, it was really great. You didn’t seem nervous at all. I think when you get to Wembley, you’ve got to step it up again, take it to a bigger place.

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