Must Be The Music: Missing Andy perform

Before they performed on Must Be The Music tonight, Jamie Cullum suggested that Missing Andy’s new song might prove they peaked too soon. The new song is called Sing For The Death.

The five-piece started off a little bit wobbly. Well, it’s mostly the vocal. But things recover quite quickly when they hit the chorus and rattle off some “woah-oh-oh” chants that the audience can join in with! Actually, this is better than Made In England, because it doesn’t have that dull football-hooligan vocal that lead singer Alex was putting on.

Jamie: I was worried how you were gonna follow up Made In England, because a lot of people connected with that song. But you guys write anthems… Dizzee: I like that song better than the last one…I can definitely see you at Wembley. Sharleen: You definitely know how to write a hook, and that’s when you start making hit records.

Final thoughts: I’ve got my reservations about Missing Andy. It’s all because of Made In England, actually. Something about the song reminded me of a feature in The Observer about white supremacist groups mobilising across the UK. I know that sounds far-fetched, but look what I found on The Sun – an article showing lead singer Alex with a skinhead haircut and claiming that the band swore their way through a gig at a Scout gathering.

While I like their tunes, I’m not so sure I like their image.

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