Must Be The Music: Toxic Funk Berry perform Day And Night

Electronic trio debut a new song for us on Must Be The Music tonight called Dan And Night. Oh, except this time they’re on guitar and bass instead of just keyboards.

There’s really no defining this band. The majority of their work is instrumental. And to be honest, there’s really no need for vocals. The music is wonderful without words – complex, loud, improvisational. The crowd goes wild for them.

And their drummer pulls some crazy faces as they perform.

Sharleen: I really really like you guys. But I have to be honest, that bit of music you guys played, you began on your hook and never went back to it. It just kind of rambled on a bit. I felt that you went off on a tangent and forgot about the audience. Dizzee: The same. It felt a bit self-involved. When I looked the audience, there were pockets of people who were into it, but for most people there wasn’t enough to connect to. That song sounded like a bit of a mess in places. Jamie: You guys are here in the semi-finals because you’re great. For me, it sounded a bit like a jam, like the beginning of an idea that’s going to be really good.

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