My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding: Episode 3, Desperate Housewives?

My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding has proved to be a success with BARB Ratings showing Tuesday’s episode grabbing a successful 6.4 million!

 Tuesday’s episode focused on the Gypsy woman’s life and showed a lifestyle, which fascinates the public. 18-year-old Lizzie, who was the eldest unmarried girl in their family was preparing for her wedding in the latest episode. In the programme, she told the cameraman about her life and how there is no point staying in school as Gysey girls wont be having a career, their future is being a housewife. With Lizzie moving out into her marital caravan with her husband, Her younger sister, 13-year-old Margret would now have to leave school and look after the household. I did feel sorry for Margret when she was crying at her sisters wedding, all she now had to look forward to was stripping out a trailer and looking after her siblings Also the episode focused on a bunch of gypsy lads who were making their way to Appleby fair. These lads provided the shock moment of the show when they drove over a payment to not have to wait for the traffic near a man who had been run over.  At Appleby fair the ‘ ‘grabbing’ started which is where a man can ‘grab’ a girl and hopefully get a kiss of the girl. This controversial ritual has been talked about across the country with everyone having a view on it.  I personally found it uncomfortable viewing with the girls screaming and at one point in Tuesdays episode, the guy looked as if he was holding on to the girls neck. 

 The episode definitely provided many jaw dropping moments and the series is definitely an interesting and fascinating look at the gypsy culture.

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