This is the crowd from behind me. haha. well the whole experience has been amazing so far. ive loved it.

Well, after queuing from 6 until 11, we were let in. We were about 8 or 9 rows from the bottom of the stadium. so i think my audition was about 2 o clock. I sung Babylon by David Gray and the lady was really nice and said she thinks im ‘up there’ with the best of the day and that she remembers me haha. Then after screaming and getting a round of applause i took my gold ticket up to the registration area and waited for another hour as the queue was rather large lol; any feeling of being special was totally gone due to the amount of people hahahaha.

Day 2, today, we got up at half 5 to be there for half 7, 40 mins in the car and we were queuing outside. they let us in at about 7:40 and we took our numbers etc and proceeded to the conference room until everyone got in. We were given a brief into outlining that we’d be called in 10’s by the runners through to rooms A, B, C, D or E. i was in room B and after about 2 hours of dancing and singing and watching people get interviewed (mainly the bad ones) i was called. I was then told out of 75 to go to my room only 2 had gotten through, so i was even more nervous/excited. In the room there was a woman who did the talking, she was quite young, id say late 20s with dark hair and a guy in normal clothes who was gingery. I sung Babylon, then they asked for another so i sung Change by daniel merriweather and then another haha so i sung lost by michael buble…and then, she said im through but wants to hear my james morrison song. so i sung you give me something. =P then i went out the door and screamed at being the 3rd from room B lol. I went up the escalator to the new room where i filled out my life form about myself next and then i went up to my audition. there were two women this time and they both remembered me, we had a talk for about 5 minutes and then i sung babylon and change and then they chatted more and then said with a grin, right we’ll let you know in two weeks =D. So now. im here. and all this wait has been worth it. and i have a good feeling about it!!!




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  1. yum mum

    haha.gingery i love it. did he wear a pastel coloured cardigan (or maybe black over a white shirt) and look quite trendy? i think you may mean niel, he’s one of the producers and very very nice! you’l be surprised how many of them will remember you, even though they see thousands of faces week after week they still manage to remember the ones who interest them the most.

    well done scott. rooting for you mate.

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