My Chemical Romance – Na Na Na

Hello Hello! Here it goes; my first blog reviewing My Chemical Romance’s return to the music world!

After such a long wait for something, anything new since The Black Parade, I was starting to lose hope in my number one band. However, they delivered, and they delivered well! When the new song came out, I am not embarrassed to admit, I definitely raped my reply button!

So it seems My Chemical Romance have drifted slightly from the “emo” label they were given a few years back and have instead, continued with a more alternative/punk take on their new album. Does it matter what genre they are? Whatever they do, they always pull it out of the bag and provide a 10/10 standard album.

So their first release off of the album Danger Days is titled ‘Na Na Na,’ and if it doesn’t make you jump up out of your seat and dance around the room, then I don’t know what will. The trigger happy repetitive line ‘na na na’ instantaneously brings a smile to my face and makes me wanna grab a hairbrush and sing along.

Okay, let’s discuss the video that accompanies this almighty song. Firstly, Gerard’s new fiery red hair! What can I say? He never fails to impress me with his hair. He’s gone back to the old skool long floppy hair but! His sides are shaved with his black roots showing; not so much a Mohican, it’s much sexier. And let’s not forget Mikey! It seems his new hair has produced an all new confidence that we Killjoys never knew existed in Mikey. I for one love it; the confidence emits a kind of coolness about him.

What I especially love about the video is the happy go lucky kind of atmosphere they’ve created. Whether it’s the cute superhero vs. villain role play or the adorable kid they have running alongside them, it just makes you feel good and really makes you acknowledge your inner child – am I the only one who wants to go and buy that yellow mask that Gerard wears? Teehee!

I know that a lot of the old fans are saying that My Chemical Romance have sold out and become mainstream, but so what? It’s making them a better band and getting them well known…isn’t that what fans want for their favourite bands? Yes, their music style has drastically changed but I for one, am loving the progress they’re making.

The video concludes with the villains stealing the young boy away with My Chemical Romance defeated…The whole ‘To Be Continued’ style ending definitely makes me anxious for the next video sequel!

The new album
Danger Days: True Lives of Fabulous Killjoys
Available Monday 22nd November 2010

Truly cannot wait! Maybe I’ll do a review on the album 🙂
Concert review also to come!
Thanks for reading peoples!

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