My Damn X Factor Diary: Week 3

So this week was the third of the live shows. The silly waste of time acts are slowly leaving the show. Diva Fever, Storm Lee. Who on earth is voting for Wagner? I mean, seriously. It’s the Jedward syndrome. Guilty Pleasure week, which means another sing-whatever-you-want week.
Belle Amie gave their best performance so far, but they are weak. And they are not a group, you can see it in their eyes and the way they hug each other during the song like saying “look, we’re good friends”. We’re not stupid girls. So Simon’s only bet is the other prefabricated boyband, One Direction. Or shall I call them Liam and his “pussycat dolls”? These five little Biebers will get far in the competition, but their rendition of Pink’s Nobody Knows was so messy!
Aiden is still creepy. I mean, really. It’s ok to put your own stamp on your performances, as Ms. Minogue would say, but for me he’s getting too bizarre. TreyC Cohen is one of my favourites, but her Led Zeppelin performance wasn’t good. Her vocals were great, as always, but it was another mess! Rock is not her style, I like when she brings out the soul in her voice, like last week singing Purple Rain.
Tesco Mary is starting to get boring. I do love this lady, but she cannot do the same every week! And no matter how good her vocals are, for me, she ain’t got the X Factor – She has the Britain’s Got Talent Factor! Cher put on a Ruth Lorenzo wig and did as usual. I’m trying hard to like this girl. She’s current, yeah, whatever Simon, but last year there was Graziella who also rapped (and quite better), and you didn’t put her through – as a solo act, at least.
Rebecca. Oh Rebecca how much I love you. As usual, flawless. Her voice is so Amy Winehouse-ish. But I think she should start stepping up her game and choosing some more risky songs.And Katie Voguel. I mean Waissel. Or was it simply V? Now seriously, she’s starting to grow on me. For me, she was the best of the night, and King Of The Swingers is certainly a guilty pleasure! I liked the 20s Chicago-like transformation. And she’s a funny girl. (Ok, that’s enough for Katie!)
Oh, I forgot about John and Paije. They both have really strong vocals but man, they’re so forgetful!
So, after another mimed group performance, Cheryl’s great act and an easy-to-forget Michael Bublé appearance, it was time for the results. Can’t believe TreyC was in the bottom 2. And John, well, that was an easy bet. Bye John. I think he could have done much better (maybe some more exciting songs, Louie?), but anyways, he was never going to get to the final.
Best: Katie Waissel
Worst: Wagner
Most Boring: Aiden
Most Entertaining: Katie Waissel
Best Judge: Cheryl Cole

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  1. Robbi

    All in all I still think Matt is a cut above the rest 🙂

    He’s new, refreshing and showed how versatile he is by using an instrument this week (guitar).

  2. Dara Hickey



    I find him utterly captivating, and his vocal this week were astonishing, hauntingly quiet at point before erupting into a huge finale! Loved every second of his performance, and I agree with you on Katie, too. A very good performance from her too.

    Also, Cher is beginning to annoy, but she’ll get a record deal, regardless of she wins of not because “she’s so current”. Seriously, move along please. 1Direction will also get a record deal even if they don’t win, so expect them to be in our lives for the next five years or so, before they get old and ugly… or one of them goes solo… or does drugs: THAT is how the X Factor is fixed, my friend.

  3. Gerard McGarry

    Great post Daniel. I thought it was smart of you to compare Graziella from last year to Cher Lloyd this year. Graziella definitely had the edge. I asked about this on Twitter the other night, and most of our followers on @unrealitytv responded to say that Cher definitely has the weakest voice of the females in the competition.

    I really liked what Treyc did with Whole Lotta Love, but it’s fair to say she was no Robert Plant on that track. The criticism Dannii gave her was valid – it’s time to pin down what sort of artist she’s going to be. I’d love to see her do rock, but that might be X Factor suicide.

    On Aiden Grimshaw…Cheryl made the right call here (sorry, OddOne) – Aiden’s performances are all very similar. Same goes for Mary Byrne. It feels like both are hiding in their creative comfort zones.

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