My Super Ex-Girlfriend – Movie Review

I was kind of looking forward to My Super Ex-Girlfriend: partly because of the superhero theme and partly because I’ve been harbouring a crush on Uma Thurman since The Adventures of Baron Munchausen.

What’s It About?

The movie is mostly rom-com stuff, but the difference to standard romantic fare is that one of the characters has super-powers combined with super-hangups. Thurman plays the neurotic (less than imaginatively named) super hero, G-Girl (mousy curator Jenny Johnston by day) who meets average guy Matt Saunder­s (Luke Wilson) on the subway. A passenger snatches her bag and Wilson’s character gives chase. To cut a long story short, they end up together until G-Girl reveals her identity – and mental problems.

Probably the best part is when the couple are out with Matt’s work colleague Hannah (played by Anna Faris from Scary Movie). They overhear a news report that an impending disaster is about to strike New York and G-Girl refuses to go to the rescue because she’s jealous. Kind of makes you glad that women don’t really have super powers!


I don’t know whether it’s testament to Uma Thurman’s acting (I doubt it), but her dippy super hero is extremely irritating and the whole movie fails to be as funny as it could have been. Kudos to Eddie Izzard for his role as the evil nemesis who actually has a long-standing crush on G-Girl, and the final scene where G-Girl ends up fighting it out with Hannah (who has acquired super powers of her own).

I also thought Luke Wilson was a deplorable choice of romantic lead. But then I would be happy to see both Wilson brothers leave Hollywood and never return.

Final Opinion: My Super Ex-Girlfriend – a superhero flop, spoiled by a mediocre storyline and less-than-lovable characters.

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