Nadine Coyle releases her Insatiable video – single review

Confession time: I can’t stand Nadine Coyle. From her annoying LA/Derry hybrid accent to the tabloid stories that the other members of Girls Aloud can’t stand her, and her refusing to appear on various shows like Ghost Hunting and The Passions Of Girls Aloud. It has always struck me that Nadine takes herself far too seriously, and has never managed to have the relationship with the press that the rest of her bandmates have had.

However, there’s a discernible buzz surrounding Nadine’s solo debut. It may be that pop watchers are curious to see if any of the other Girls Aloud can match Cheryl Cole’s solo sales. If anyone can – grudgingly – it’ll be Nadine.

And her solo single Insatiable is a damned good first try. It’s not remotely as pretentious as the stuff Cheryl’s been thrusting at us. It’s a straightforward pop song, with a touch of rock and raunch that lifts it out of the ordinary. It also shows an impressive set of pipes from Miss Coyle, that we haven’t heard since Girls Aloud went into hibernation. I’d forgotten what a strong vocalist she is.

The video’s a bit too Nadine-centric for a girl who has the most stick-thin legs in pop. Seriously, go and eat something unhealthy and fatten those pins up. It has a subtle Addicted To Love vibe to it, with Nadine rocking out in front of a band, after she’s done some solo posturing. Can’t say the video’s particularly interesting. And a note to whoever produces her next video – do not make her do the starey-eyed thing. It makes her look psychotic.

If nothing else, it’s got our attention. I don’t think it’s either fair or possible to make comparisons to her bandmate, because they’re both attracting different parts of the market. I’ll hark back to my first point though – in order for this to do well, Nadine needs to engage a little better with the public. I doubt I’m the only one who thinks she’s a tad full of herself. If that’s the popular opinion, it may hit sales.

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  1. Ageing tart

    They all sound the same.

    Strong beat, block chords with rock treatment.

    Not a great deal of meaning to the words, so no need to communicate any messages to the listener.

    Accept the men folk may find phallic worship, errotic and sensuous.

    A shame really that its trash, that makes it into the charts, when this girl does have a really decent voice.

    The song will sell on grounds of it being sexually pleasing to young men.

    Sadly a music industry rep said to me the other day that for a song to sell the artist has to come across as sexually uninhibited and prepared to sell their bodies to make it.

    This notion was also reinforced at a recent songwriters club.

    So its not so much the voice that is important in the commercial world its how much of yourself you are prepared to sell.


    Ageing tart


    1. Dara Hickey

      “The song will sell on grounds of it being sexually pleasing to young men”.

      “Accept the men folk may find phallic worship, errotic and sensuous”.

      Don’t even try to include me in that demographic. I hate the song. And the still was hilarious purely because she looked like a numpty.

      It really annoys me when people say that because some model-looking singer get’s her pins out, all the men will dive at them.

  2. Past my sell by

    Have to agree Maureen…sick to death of seeing scantily-clad, writhing women in pornographic poses..and that’s usually just the backing dancers.  Quite disappointed to see Nadine in a video like this as she is such a pretty girl with a great voice that she doesn’t need to parade around in stockings doing all the stupid stares to camera. I though I might be about to have a fit watching this video as it jumped around more than strobe lighting…far too jittery to watch comfortably.  

  3. Ageing tart

    Isn’t that weird?

    When female singer/songwriters and artists want to sell cd’s they have to have a sexy promotional video to go with it.

    However, when male singer/songwriters and artists want to sell cd’s they have a cleaner cut sharp street dance based image, the opposite gangster look, or the dirty looking rock band look. None of which is sensual or deemed sexual in its promotion.

    So why is it the men get off lightly on this score and it is a must for the women.

    I’ve just looked at the Saturdays Higher and Higher video shoot and that is aimed at being sexually hip as well.

    I mean I remember long ago a teacher in school asking an English class to list what they liked about an artist and even way back then as teenager the reason for buying a single record or an LP record. Was because the girls fancied the boys and the boys in turn fancied the girls.

    Nobody ever thought to mention the music.


    Ageing tart

  4. Gerard McGarry

    Maureen, I think maybe you’re taking my “phallic reference” comment slightly out of context. The point was that it was an unfortunate freeze-frame moment they chose for the video still.

    But you raise a valid point about sexuality in pop music. I don’t totally agree though. Sex has always been a big element of the music industry. It’s just a question of what was permissible for the times. I mean, it’s 20 years at least since Madonna was simulating sex on stage and causing controversy with Like A Prayer‘s religious symbolism. Nadine’s video is relatively tame by comparison.

    And speaking as a man…there’s nothing erotic about a stick thin young lady cavorting around with a microphone. Even if it is a phallic symbol. Nadine just doesn’t do it for me. I require something called ‘curves’ to find a woman attractive.

  5. magsmagenta

    I don’t really have a problem with women cavorting around the stage being sexual, I just find it rather boring, what I find annoying is that as soon as men start doing the same, (and by that I don’t mean those who have semi naked women in their videos while they’re fully dressed) that is using their own sexuality to attract people, they get slammed for it by ‘Music fans’ who are so up their own asses they can’t see daylight.

    Another thing is that most of these artists both female and male are so bad at the sexuality thing it’s laughable. To really get it right is a very special art in itself and requires a special kind of bond with the audience who must be willing to play along, and this actually doesn’t even require being scantily dressed either, it’s all about attitude. 

    Tom Jones had it right back in the 60’s and 70’s and he still gets criticized for it, then there are people like David Le Roth, Robert Plant and Bon Scott, and of course Adam Lambert.


    Led Zeppelin

    Adam Lambert


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