Natasha Bedingfield, Travie McCoy and Bruno Mars give showstopping performances at the ‘Do Something!’ Awards


Some of pop’s more overlooked performers took to the stage for the Do Something awards last night. Natasha Bedingfield performed her new single Touch while Travie McCoy and Bruno Mars performed their hit single Billionaire. Check out the performances below.

Natasha Bedingfield: Touch
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Travie McCoy featuring Bruno Mars: Billionaire
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Wow! Both performances were absolutely spectacular! Natasha’s soulful vocal runs are really something to behold and she had the crowd completely hyped. The only thing that bothers me is her strange promotion technique that’s going on with Touch. It was released without warning to iTunes back in late May, performed on Ellen a few days later and then all promotion stopped up until recently. According to “reliable sources”, a music video has been filmed for the music video. Natasha needs to release it Worldwide pronto though because with it’s upbeat, sunny melodies – it needs to chart before the leaves start falling off them trees.

Meanwhile Travie and Bruno (who actually has a large head of hair, something his trademark hat would make you think otherwise) gave a pitch perfect performance of OddOne’s favourite song Billionaire. Travie displayed much of the theatrical and campy facial expressions reminiscent of his ex Katy Perry and the dance break while Mars played guitar halfway through has to be commended. The crowd were loving it and sang along. The only people who didn’t look happy were a sullen Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson at the 3.30 mark who were caught on camera seated silently at the back of the room.

No longer relevant, huh?

P.S. Could someone tell me what Travie and Bruno sing just before they start singing Billionaire? The song is familiar, I just can’t remember.

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