New Black Eyed Peas Single & Video: I Gotta Feeling

So they may have just released Boom Boom Pow over here but on the other side of the Atlantic, the Black Eyed Peas are already set to release new single I Gotta Feeling. I absolutely loved Boom Boom Pow and I didn’t think they could top it…but guess what?…they have! I Gotta Feeling is the perfect Summer anthem, I loved it from the moment i heard it and I think you guys will like it too. Check out this video and listen for yourself!

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  1. Gerard McGarry

    We’re still loving Boom Boom Pow in our house. I’ve Got A Feeling hasn’t inspired us just as much, although it’s a worthy successor to Let’s Get Retarded (or whatever the radio edit was called) – a good party song. Video’s totally filthy though – were they trying to get some mileage out of Fergie feeling up another girl? Because I don’t think anybody’s been scandalised by it.

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