New Del Marquis music video – Litter To Society

Del Marquis, lead guitarist for the Scissor Sisters has been a busy fella, releasing a stream of new music lately away from the band that made him famous. His latest is a tune called Litter To Society, which has a fantastically large sound including funk influences, brass and a pounding rhythm as well.

Condemned To Rock And Roll describe the tune thusly:

This song is raw with funk and scratchy grooves, and its refrain of ‘child inside’ acts like a dream-like wake-up call to the id, inciting debauched freedom rather than reflecting the innocence of childhood.

From my admittedly limited knowledge of Scissor Sisters, this tune seems to be a complete departure from their sound, so fans of Marquis’ work with the band might be a little fazed by Litter To Society. This is darker, funkier, full of social commentary and intriguing imagery. And I love the guitar work on this: clean, crisp and funky.

On the video:

Litter To Society is the title track and first single off Marquis’ newly released album. Directed by Embryoroom, the video flashes a constant barrage of black-and-white images across the screen as Marquis walks through different cityscapes. The internal struggle of an artist attempting to define himself in a world of distractions is evident through the scenes portrayed.

Hope that’s enough information for y’all – the video’s below for your audio-visual pleasure, and more of Del’s work can be heard on his MySpace page.

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