New Doctor Who trailer – featuring series 5 monsters!

The BBC has released a new trailer for the fifth series of [[Doctor Who (TV Series)|Doctor Who]]. It features The Doctor and his newest companion, Amy Pond gaxing up at the stars when the ground beneath them gives way, pitching the pair into a vortex.

It’s a little step closer to seeing the 11th Doctor in his first full episode – and another glimpse of what to expect from [[Matt Smith]] and [[Karen Gillan]] as they take over the lead roles in one of our favourite TV series! Something I found funny is that many Who fans are still looking for reasons to despise Smith as The Doctor. Here’s a cracking comment from Screen Rant:

Yeah it is, and the trailer is in 3D at uk cinemas. It might make more sense in 3D but like this it just looks like cheesey rubbish. And Smith’s voice seems so weak, there’s no confidence or command there at all.

Karen Gillan looks hot though, so she gets a thumbs up.

Which just goes to show that Smith is going to have a harder ride than Gillan – as long as she delivers the short skirts, she’s in the clear. However, while one commenter complains about how weak his voice is, the commenters on io9 praise him for having an alarmingly ‘old’ voice.

You know what’s strange? Matt Smith is the youngest actor to play the Doctor in the new run, but between Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant, Matt has the oldest voice. I swear, he has the body of a 20 something but the voice of a 60 something. Weird and yet, fitting for a 900+ alien.

My one complaint is not about the actors – I think they give the right sense of fun and adventure for the series. I was slightly worried about some of the very retro looking alien heads that appeared in the trailer. Sure, they hark back to the glory days of classic Who, but they look like the kind of thing I used to sketch on my school books.

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