New Girl, Will It Be A Hit In The Uk!

New Girl is a hugely popular series in the US with an average of 10 million viewers watching. It has now come to the UK and will be streaming on channel 4. Is it worth a watch?

Last Friday we saw New Girl reach our TV with quirky Zooey Deschanel playing the read role of Jess. Zooey is most famous for films including 500 Days Of Summer and Yes Man. Jess is an easily likeable character, fairly quirky and down to earth. She is a girl who women can easily understand and see parts of themselves inside her. She is easy to relate to and I think she is a fab character.

The laughs begin from the start of the episode when she goes into her apartment completely naked to greet her boyfriend and then going across the room pretending to do ‘naughty things’ with the plant, cushion etc. It’s hilarious to watch and when she eventually turns around she sees another woman with her boyfriend. Therefore she has come to a flat viewing where she is talking to the three boy roommates. I think this is an interesting concept, which hasn’t been done before.

Nick, played by Jake Johnson is a bartender who recently got dumped and obviously isn’t over it. We see a clip of him covering his ears and yelling, not accepting that it’s over. During the episode he slowly realises that he needs to get over it and when he sees her he realises that he needs to move on. He is a fun character and it’s a good idea that he works in a pub. Schmidt, played by Max Greenfield is a typically ladies man of a character, hoping to get the cutest women. He is also a lawyer and gets a hard time at work.Finally, in the first episode, there was Coach, who was played by Damon Wayans Jr, who is a personal trainer who can’t speak to women. He just ends up shouting and can’t deal with it. As we already know this character leaves in the second episode and we get a new roommate who was previously away.

The three boys think Jess is simply barmy when they meet her but when she suggests her friends are models, Schmidt begs the others to let her stay. The first few days Jess just sits and watches Dirty Dancing crying dramatically by the TV. This is hilarious as the boys wonder what the hell they have done. They soon begin to feel sorry for her so they take her out to the pub, hoping to find her a rebound (This is what she needs according to them!) It’s funny to see how boys mind’s work as they try and set her up with guys. She finds a cute guy who after speaking to him, she tells the boys she said everything properly including that she was after rebound sex and then goes on to do a funny dance, which is hilarious.

We finally meet her model best mate Cece Meyes played by Hannah Simone, who doesn’t take any rubbish from womaniser Schmidt. She swaps her outfit with poor Jess so that she looks beautiful for her date. The three boys head to a convention but when they see Jess’s date there they feel so bad for her that in the end the three of them go to the restaurant where poor Jess is waiting. They begin to sing ‘Had the time of our lives’ which is a hilarious moment and they go back to the apartment to watch the film with Jess.

The first episode was well worth a watch and is a breath of fresh air with funny characters and I think it will be a huge hit in the UK.


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