New Jupiter One single: Flaming Arrows

Jupiter One - Flaming Arrow

OK, time for some new music, yes? Today I’m introducing you to hot New York five-piece Jupiter One. They’ve recently released their second full-length studio album, titled Sunshower, and they’re currently featured artists on the Indiefeed homepage (great website, by the way).

I want to focus mostly on the single, Flaming Arrow, and the amazing animated video that accompanies it. Have a listen, then read on…

The Flaming Arrow video was directed by the Lithuanian animator Robertas Nevecka, who took the lyric ‘burn me down’ a little literally!

I love the song, a very romantic, acoustic/indie tune and the video makes it all the more endearing. It’s a great introduction to the group, and obviously the next listening point is on their MySpace page, where they have almost 14,000 fans.

The most popular song is Countdown (presumably not a reference to the old Channel 4 gameshow) – a mid-tempo rocker with an uplifting, electronia-infused chorus. Platform Moon takes a U2-esque guitar sound and mixes it with funky beats and heavily processed vocals. The overall feeling from listening to Jupiter One is that above all else, they have stylistic self-confidence. Their sound is indie-rock, but they introduce other sounds without over-using them or making the song dependent on hooks or gimmicks.

Oh, and did I mention they’re touring with Regina Spektor? Well they are, so you can catch them live or buy the album, but definitely check them out. They’ve had rave reviews by the folks at Blogcritics and New Music Reviews say that they “[breathe] new life into stale stereotypes of indie rock”.

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