New promo pic for Doctor Who series 6

Following on from the frustratingly brief teaser video last week, the BBC have released a promo picture for the first episode of Doctor Who Series 6.

It expands upon the teaser by showing the trio of The Doctor, Amy Pond and Rory Williams reflected in the astronaut’s visor. And [[TARDIS (Doctor Who)|the TARDIS]], of course. There’s also lots of fog and lens flare to give the thing an eerie vibe.

Now that the astronaut is in close up, you can see a US flag on the front of the collar, and the time-travelling pals look very curious about whoever’s inside. Except Rory, who looks tense, as usual.

The first episode of the sixth series is called [[The Impossible Astronaut (Doctor Who episode)|The Impossible Astronaut]], although I do keep referring to it as the Impossible Astroturf. I know, it’s a terrible joke. Basically, until Easter, all eyes will be on the engimatic figure in the space suit. Do we still think it’s River Song?

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