New Robbie Williams single ‘Bodies’ debuts tomorrow on Chris Moyles Show

Robbie Williams

After falling from the nation’s favour, disappearing to America and developing what the tabloids called an ‘obsession’ with UFOs and aliens, Robbie Williams is due to debut his new single, Bodies on the Chris Moyles Show tomorrow morning.

Well, I reckon Moyles owes Robbie a favour. After all, he’s done his level best to give Rob’s former boyband Take That a leg up since they reformed.

I’ve always liked Robbie, he’s not a serious as his Take That bandmates and has a more “two-fingers to the industry” attitude that I’ve always admired. OK, there are periods in his career that I’d rather ignore, like Swing When You’re Winning, but when Robbie’s on top form, he can be quite something.

Unfortunately, we haven’t seen Robbie on top form arguably since his split with Guy Chambers, but I’m still interested to see what he’s come up with. The Sun’s Gordon Smart describes the single:

The chorus is hands in the air, singalong magic that made Robbie a stadium star.

The lyrics are typical Robbie rhymes, with a bit of religious contemplation for good measure. He sings: “Jesus really died for me. Jesus tried for me.” There are also references to “deity” and a bit of Gregorian chanting thrown in to create an eerie atmosphere.

Let’s see what tomorrow morning brings. Anybody else going to be listening in while eating their Cornflakes?

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  1. susieinoz

    No I won’t be listening to Robbie whilst eating my cornflakes lol.  I will be listening in online like thousands of others in Australia at around 4.30  – 5.00pm depending on which state you live in.

    Welcome back Robbie, we’ve missed you.

    Susie xx

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