New Series: Genius

I’ve never watched anything with Dave Gorman before and wasn’t completely sure this show, moving from Radio 4, would change that. How wrong can you be? I was laughing out loud quite early on (just at the unfurling the email address – I’m easily pleased) and the addition of Catherine Tate as the ‘expert’, with her anecdote about cutting off an alcoholic ex-boyfriend’s hair while he slept (and telling him in the morning that he’d come home like it! Genius indeed.)  

So what kind of inventions did the public come up with? There’s the lad’s coat with a hood in the sleeve, the idea being to offer shelter to your young lady if it rains, but the objective is to really cop a feel; The democrobus – the passengers choose which direction and the driver has the casting vote in the event of a tie *rolls eyes*; the cabbie who states that his genius idea of making passengers give him their shoes ensure no runners, no stabbings and no sensible passengers, probably. (He couldn’t say ‘NO’ to the ‘Are you a foot fetishist’ question); and the 100 metre high sprint shoes, which will win you an Olympic Gold but also kill you. And quite possibly get you disqualified, which is marginally worse. Catherine’s winner was ‘Hood in Sleeve’ but I think the ones that never made it were better: The George Formby Lean Mean Grill that plays ukelele music and ensures your chicken turns out nice again, lol, and cold air ballooning – hot air ballooning for people who don’t do heights! (That would be me.)

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  1. Lisa Mc

    I completely missed this, but you have me really intrigued now!!! I’m going to catch this on iplayer!



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