NEW SONG: Enrique gets explicit on raunchy new club banger ‘Tonight’

It looks like Enrique Iglesias has joined Kylie Minogue, Taio Cruz, Usher, Ke$ha, Kylie Minogue and Pixie Lott in a slew of album re-releases as a new single Tonight has premiered online and it looks like its set for a re-release of Euphoria.

Ludacris cashes himself another cheque as he features on this raunchy club banger, the main hook being the very subtle “Tonight I’m fucking you!” Okay, I’ve lost all the straight women and gay men who are going to go out and buy that single just to hear Enrique’s voice sing those words to them but for anyone else who wants to hear my opinion – the song is complete trash.

It’s that bit more riskier and less bland than his previous single, mega smash I Like It but it’s still a fairly substandard Europop number that’s quickly forgettable. Then again I’m not charmed by Enrique’s voice although I did like his Nicole Scherzinger collaboration Heartbeat which sadly flopped.

The song will act as Enrique’s second US single from Euphoria. Oh and of course, there’s another version of the song which replaces the original hook with the much tamer “Tonight I’m loving you!” However, I have provided the explicit version below.


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  1. RandomEnigma

    Haha I’ve just posted this and it’s already the most viewed post on the site. All the women must have rushed to this when they saw “Enrique”, “explicit” and “raunchy” in the one sentence.

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