New Video: Far East Movement ft Snoop Dogg – If I Was You (OMG)

If you thought Usher had the monopoly on songs with OMG in the title, think again! Far East Movement are back (though they never really went away) with a third single in the form of If I Was You (OMG). And they’re bringing Snoop Dogg and a job lot of autotune…

Shall we put a label on it? How about “Sexy Club Banger”? Snoop’s at his sexy/sleazy finest here, though he’s throwing out some unbelievably bad chat up lines. Still, the video – shot at La Cita in Los Angeles – features plenty of eye candy.

And the song itself? Well, it’s devilishly catchy as their previous tunes have been. Far East Movement are quickly transforming themselves into worthy successors to the Black Eyed Peas. Their knack for finding a hook and driving it into your brain like a six-inch nail is very promising!

Speaking about the collaboration with Snoop Dogg, Kev Nish says:

“We wanted to portray what the song represented. For us, it’s about bridging that classic West Coast through Snoop Dogg with the DJs in the party scene and mixing those two worlds.”

Oh yeah, cool thing to watch out for – one of the group drinking Cherrytree Cola, a not-so-subtle nod to their record company Cherrytree Records!

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