New Wayne Rooney sex scandal emerges – romps with prostitutes revealed by tabloids

The Sunday Mirror is running a story claiming that footballer Wayne Rooney has been regularly seeing a prostitute called Jennifer Thompson. The paper alleges that Rooney was seeing Thompson even while his wife Coleen was pregnant with their son, and that he paid £1,000 per night for sex.

The papers claims say that Rooney slept with Thompson seven times in four months, and was less than guarded about their relationship – flaunting her in bars around Manchester. What’s truly shocking is that this is a mirror of the 2004 story that the same paper ran, outing Rooney for sleeping with prostitutes. When the story broke last time, his relationship with Coleen weathered the storm, and in the intervening time, the couple married and had their first child.

The ubiquitous ‘source’ is quoted as saying:

She couldn’t believe it the first time he booked her. He used a different name so she didn’t know who he really was until she knocked on the hotel room door and he opened it.

She wasn’t star-struck. She considers what she does to be a profession and she always strives to be very good at it.

But she got into trouble with her agency when they found out she was by-passing them and taking bookings from him direct on her own mobile phone and over the internet using Skype.

After he’d had sex with her the first few times, he changed his ­attitude towards her. He said it was no longer just about an hour or two of sex but that he’d grown genuinely fond of her. But he carried on paying her ­whenever they met. It went on for four months.

In an exclusive interview with the News Of The World, Jennifer Thompson has spoken out about Rooney’s attempts to even get her to visit him at home when Coleen was out:

I thought to myself, ‘I can’t do that. I can’t go to his wife’s house.’ I mean that’s just wrong, isn’t it?” Even the lure of a luxurious night at his plush £4.5m house in posh Prestbury, Cheshire, couldn’t tempt Jenny. She insisted: “I told him: ‘No, I can’t!’ But he kept begging and begging me, pleading, ‘Please come! No one’s in.’

“When I still refused, he eventually left it and didn’t even want to talk to me any more that night.

“But, as far as I’m concerned, paying a girl to have sex with you is one thing. Paying a girl to come back to your marital home when your pregnant missus is out is taking it a step too far.

I love the part where she says “That’s just wrong, isn’t it?” Not quite as wrong as selling your story to a national tabloid and possibly destroying the couple’s marriage, but hey-ho, at least the money from the ‘exclusives’ will probably keep her off the game. I wonder if the police ever have reason to talk to prostitutes who admit their occupation while selling stories about celebrities?

With no apparent sense of irony, Thompson goes on to describe Rooney’s sexual preferences as ‘a bit seedy’. Well, he was frequenting prostitutes, dear. What do you expect?

Though to be fair, both stories suggest that Rooney broke contact with Jennifer Thompson when his son was born. The Mirror claims that he stopped seeing Thompson in October 2009, and his son Kai was born on 2 November. He’s not the only one to have impeccable timing, it seems. I read tonight on Twitter that this story might have broke during the summer if it hadn’t been for the World Cup. After all, it does seem a bit strange to be breaking a story like this almost a year after the event.

Naturally, with these latest revelations putting Rooney up there with Tiger Woods in the ‘sporting shitbags’ category, the footballer may now be worried about the effect that this may have on his marriage and his career. Only time will tell whether the couple’s marriage will weather the storm, but with Cheryl and Ashley Cole’s divorce being finalised this week, it’s perhaps fresh in people’s minds that footballers aren’t the most reliable people in a relationship.

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