Nick Bateman finishes fifth in Ultimate Big Brother

Nick Bateman Big Brother

Nasty Nick Bateman managed to get evicted from Big Brother, and the shocking news is that he was evicted legitimately!

Finishing in fifth place, Nick managed to turn around the popular perception of him as a scheming Machiavellian creep. Instead, he turned out to be Ever So Slightly Dull Nick. He went into the house wearing a t-shirt that said “It’s Only A Gameshow” and during the series he claimed that “Big Brother Ultimate has given me back the confidence that was taken in the first series.”

He comments on “Nadia’s bad time” but says that he walked out with a much more positive experience. He said “When I did it ten years ago, I was probably full of bullshit.”

Nick gets shown a montage of him smiling and housemates saying loads of nice things about him. Victor’s famous quote about being disappointed in him for being so nice.

He says of Victor that they created a TV show within a TV show in the snug and spent their time laughing. He described Coolio as fun, but said Nadia was volatile and being with her was like walking on eggshells. This got a muted negative reaction from the crowd and Davina quickly steered the conversation away from that topic.

Speaking of Nikki Grahame, he describes her as sweet and a bigger Big Brother fan than Brian Belo. He says he hopes that Nikki will win the series.

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