Nicki Minaj ft Drake – Moment 4 Life – Single Review

It’s hard not to fall in love with Nicki Minaj. She’s got awesome comic-book exaggerated curves, that sexy Trinidadian accent and a ballsy attitude that I just adore. I could watch her and listen to her all day.

Her introduction to the UK audience was largely through her collab with Will.I.Am, Check It Out. Based on that, I was expecting something a lot more X-Rated from Minaj, but she delivers something otherworldly. Sorry, I can’t think of any better word to describe Moment 4 Life.

There’s an ethereal, music box vibe playing along with the beat here and Nicki’s vocal in the chorus drips with a ghostly reverb. Which I love. And lyrically it’s Nicki, Chamion Of The World, as Miss Minaj tells us how bloody good she feels “in this very moment”. She could be singing the phonebook for all I care, I just love her vocal phrasing and that slightly nasal singing. 

And speaking of coming alive, Minaj brings the best out in Drake. He came across as a bit stilted in his video with Rihanna, but his appearance in Moment 4 Life lasts a whole lot longer and shows a lot more personality.

The video became quite the talking point due to the wonderful skit between Nicki and her fairy godmother (also played by Nicki!) and its clever in-jokes that only hardcore fans and readers of her Wikipedia page are going to get. Minaj and Drake come across as the perfect hip-hop couple in perhaps one of the oddest but most fascinating songs I’ve heard in ages.

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