Nicki Minaj – Super Bass – Single review

Our love affair with Nicki Minaj here on Shout is well documented. From the neon pink hair and bizarre facial expressions to that astounding body to the machine-gun delivery of her raps, Minaj is perhaps the most entertaining female in Hip-Hop for years.

Super Bass, when I first heard it a few weeks ago, was initially a disappointment. I hate reviewing songs I don’t like – because it gets the diehard fans all irate that someone has an entirely different opinion to them, and also because I don’t really enjoy writing negative reviews. So I left it alone.

The uncanny thing about Super Bass is – once it’s embedded in your brain, it’s virtually impossible to remove – you’ve got Nicki’s rapid-fire rapping kicking things off. She’s not just flirty, she’s over the top sexy as she targets her man and warns all other ho’s off! There’s an awesome refrain in the pre-chorus where Minaj raps “Yes I did, yes I did. Somebody please tell ’em who the F I is.” Which is up there with Keri Hilson’s “Don’t hate me ‘cos I’m beautiful” in terms of self-assurance!

The chorus is pure pop, channeling 80s greatness and a hook that lodges itself deeper with every repetition. And believe me, this song can bear a lot of repeating! You’ll be muttering “boom badoom” all day long.

It’s a little ironic, therefore, that the guys in the video appear to be more than a little homoerotic – all big muscles and weird white wristbands. And before you shout at me for being mean, check out these stills. I think they speak for themselves.

I definitely class Super Bass as a grower. Nicki manages to effortlessly fuse explicit hip-hop lyrics to a bubblegum pop chorus, creating a brilliant single and one that’ll always bring a smile to my face. I almost feel guilty that I didn’t instantly love it…

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