Nicola Roberts – Lucky Day – Single Review

Nicola Roberts has just released the video for her second solo single, Lucky Day. It sees her taking a walk down one of New York’s East Village streets accompanied by all sorts of retina-scorching dayglo colours.

It’s always interesting to watch a former girl/boyband member stepping away from the comfort of a group and forging their own musical path. Nicola herself has always struggled to be seen as more than the deathly-pale ginger one that the camera barely lingered on. And if she wasn’t being portrayed as the wallflower of the group, she was the mardy ginge complaining about how people perceived her.

But with the release of her new solo material, Nicola Roberts suddenly has an opportunity to define exactly who she is. Lucky Day isn’t quite as brazen as Beat Of My Drum, but like her debut single has an insistent hook. It’s a shimmering pure-pop anthem that’s quite different to 90% of today’s singles chart. Nicola’s got a charmingly eccentric vocal delivery: playful, girlish but full of confidence.

As to the video, it’s always disarming to see Nicola making eye contact with the camera – mostly because of the aforementioned ‘shyness’ perception. Here, despite wearing what looks like a flowery tablecloth as a very short dress, she struts down the street, skipping and waving her arms around, followed by a technicolour aura trail. The overall impression is of free-spirited abandon.

Yet another great track from Roberts, surely a singer who deserves a bit more mainstream recognition…especially when you consider the pretend artiness Cheryl Cole overloads her videos with and the…well, has anyone ever watched a Nadine Coyle video all the way through?

In keeping with OddOne’s rating system, I rate Lucky Day 4/5.

Early indications are that Lucky Day is due for UK release on 18th September 2011.

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