Nicole Scherzinger jams with Jason Bonham on Zeppelin’s Black Dog

As if the world needed another reason to love Nicole Scherzinger – watch her rock out with Jason Bonham on Led Zeppelin’s classic, Black Dog.

Now, you know that we Shouters don’t do sports. But we do love our vintage rock tracks! The reason for Scherzinger’s collaboration with Bonham is to promote the 2011 NBA playoffs. But none of that matters, really. Because:

  1. Nicole displays some formidable rock chops on this track. We always knew she was a talented singer, but this has me aching to hear her do some more gritty material!
  2. Does that woman know how to rock a black leather skirt or what?
  3. Bright yellow drumkit – ’nuff said.
  4. Does anyone care about the basketball stuff? Tall people taking up shots that could have been of Nicole in that skirt. Grrr.

Jason Bonham – who has picked up the mantle from his sadly missed father John many times – praised Nicole’s vocal skills:

Working with Nicole for the NBA Playoffs spot was amazing. She is the real deal. Not only is she one of the most beautiful people I have ever met, but she has a fantastic and powerful voice. She has a great rock voice and it worked out fantastic for ‘Black Dog.’ I was so pleased to be able to bring this song to such a huge sporting event.

Nicole’s debut solo album Killer Love is on track to be released this summer, and it’ll feature the hit singles Don’t Hold Your Breath and Poison.

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