Nicole Scherzinger reboots her solo career with new single, Poison

Nicole Scherzinger is gearing up for her second shot at solo fame with a new RedOne-produced single, Poison.

There’s no video for it yet, but audio samples of Poison as springing up all over the Interweb today, giving us all a chance to sample Nicole 2.0. It’s funny, but without a video to associate with it, the song itself is fairly generic electropop.

You know what else is funny? Many of the blogs that are throwing the sample up on their sites are jizzing themselves with excitement about the track. It’s lucky other, like Idolator, are being a shade more cautious. They say:

We have to admit, we’re not bowled over by this one, which pretty much follows a standard, predictable dance-pop formula from the double shout-out at the start to the “woosh”ing fade-out finish. Let’s hope “Poison” gets an incredible video, otherwise we think Nicole’s going to be waiting a bit longer to get her first Top 10 hit on the Hot 100 since 2008’s collab, “Baby Love”. Then again, since when has the Hot 100 shyed away from generic pop tunes we’ve heard over and over again? This one could go either way, folks.

We’re not going to leap on any bandwagons. Nicole bowled us over with her work on the last Pussycat Dolls album, and a continuation of that sound would have been just wonderful. Is it possible that when she goes solo, some of the magic gets lost?

But let’s not be completely down on it. Visuals might help, but so might having a tune with a fantastic hook. Take a listen for yourselves and tell us what you think…

And it’s just a suggestion, but teaming up with the producer du jour (i.e. RedOne) can leave you with a sound that’s contemporary alright, but you also run the risk of being just another face in the crowd. She teamed up with a few years back for exactly the same reasons. Maybe she should be seeking out an unknown quantity to make herself more cutting edge?

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