No hat for Matt!

As we continue to speculate about the Pandorica, Riversong and just whats going to happen in The Big Bang. I thought I’d mention this interesting bit of news concerning the next season of Doctor Who 😉

Matt Smith hinted at last night’s finale BAFTA screening that a change could be on the way, although his preference to add a hat has not gone down well.

Smith is quoted on Digital Spy as saying, “I went to a costume fitting this very morning for next year, which was very interesting! I’ve just heard, basically, ‘Tell him he can’t have a hat unless it’s written down that he has a hat!’. So let’s see. There’s going to be a whole back and forth now.”


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  1. Mitnik

    Yes I like a hat myself, and it always gives an extra dimension to a character.

    I’d love to see Matt put a trilby on a Dalek *l*

  2. Gerard McGarry

    Well, I suppose we never expected a major character to ever wear a bow tie in the 21st Century, we probably can’t rule out wearing hats either! I think it’ll be hard to get used to if he does, because Matt Smith’s hair is perhaps one of his most distinctive features.

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