I’m not a Star Trek fan, I’ve never seen any of the movies or TV series but I do like sci-fi (again, I’d like to push I’m not a sci-fi fan – I emphasise this because if I was then I’d probably have watched at least one episode of Star Trek by now – and know the difference between a Klingon and Vulcan…) but even I knew enough of the mythology and fandom to ‘get’ parts of it (i.e. I was the only person in the cinema laughing at bits) and I also had the experience of being a new viewer. It was like some dual advantage.

My first thoughts revolved around the idea that Spock was going to eat people’s brains and then, even after I thought I got over it, each time he got annoyed I was thinking ‘EAT HIS BRAINS. BRAINZZZZZZZZ PLZ’.

But all this is beside the point. So, where to start? Firstly I would categoise it more of an action rather than sci-fi movie, which isn’t a bad thing – just not what I thought.

What I do consider a negative – and maybe it does apply in the past series and films – is that Kirk was so irritatingly smug and wanted to punch him throughout. Spock illicited a similar reponse and Nyota was so annnoying that that created the same. I don’t know what it was – because minor characters – Sulu, for example, despite forever being known as ‘Harold’ of ‘MILF guy’ (despite the number of things I’ve seen him in), with his retractable foil, and Chekov were great.

There was humour throughout it, though a very American sort of humour (not that that is always a negative thing). It was actiony. It was just set in space…

I was pleased there didn’t seem to be an obligatory sex scene (and yet we still saw two women in their underpants).

Overall I’d refer to it as a ‘romp’ because, that’s what it was – fun, easy, pretty and light. It’s satisfying and easy to watch. It’s McDonalds for the soul, but what were you expecting?

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  1. Gerard McGarry

    Funny, I consider myself a sci-fi fan myself, but I’ve never been keen on the Star Trek franchise. I’ve always thought that the reason is there’s such a history to the series, and I haven’t the time or the energy to get into such a large series.

    I think that’s the benefit of a reboot though, you can come in on the ground floor of the reboot and pick up the story from there. There’ll be plenty of other people coming at Star Trek for the first ever time.

    Like you, I’m keen to see Sylar’s new eyebrows (and to see if Zach Quinto can disassociate himself from that character). I might see if I can get to the cinema some time this week and see what I think of the new movie.

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