No Ordinary Family – No Ordinary Ring (S01E03) – Episode guide

In this week’s No Ordinary Family: Jim and George work together to foil a gang of wedding reception robbers.

And Daphne makes a huge error when she asks a friend about something she could only have picked from her brain. Sookie Stackhouse wouldn’t make that mistake! And JJ attempts to romance a girl from his class – by asking Daphne to use her telepathy to find out if the girl likes him.

Jim’s storyline takes precedence, but finally the kids are given something concrete to do in this episode. Let’s talk about Jim and George first though.

The Wedding Crashers…

I’m secretly calling George (Romany Malco) ‘Frozone’ after the black sidekick in The Incredibles. It’s really only a matter of time before he gets his own superpowers, isn’t it? He really does deserve them. But for now, he’s the clueless comedy sidekick who’s well-meaning advice doesn’t really help Jim (Michael Chiklis) handle his powers. The proof of this is the two of them blagging their way into a wedding reception and pretending to know the groom. Painful to watch, but the payoff was in Jim tackling the waiter who was about to cut the cake.

Though why anyone would choose to switch off the lights for a wedding cake cutting is beyond me. Don’t they only do that with birthday cakes that have candles on them? Maybe it was a genuine power outage. And speaking of co-incidences, how about Rita Stephanie’s ring just appearing at the scene of a completely different crime like that?

I was a teenage telepath…

The kids have two very interesting storylines, although JJ (Jimmy Bennett) is continuing to hide his abilities from everyone. Daphne’s (Kay Panabaker) mind-reading is becoming a pain as she realises that her father is lying to her. The scene where George tries to mask his thoughts by reciting the states was laugh-out-loud funny though.

Still, what’s good about Daphne’s storyline is that it felt real. Well, within the context of a family discovering they now have superpowers. She innocently reveals to her friend that she knows about her parents’ divorce, and she’s deeply upset when her father lies to her, even though she’s reading the truth directly from his mind. I liked how this played out.

Emerging villains?

And in an almost completely separate storyline, Stephanie (Julie Benz) encounters a problem in work when her boss wants to take a blood sample for an insurance policy on her. Her lab assistant covers by donating her blood, but this raises yet more problems, because the sample won’t match the original sample Stephanie gave when she started working there.

So Stephanie and Katie (Autumn Reeser) decide to swap out the sample to cover their asses. It’s done relatively painlessly, but it still triggers a huge alarm with Stephanie’s boss, who’s slowly morphing into the villain of the series. And now he knows that something has swapped out a vial of blood, it’s only a matter of time until he works out whose blood and starts sniffing around.

In Rowan Kaiser’s review of this episode for AV Club he mentions the problem of No Ordinary Family being ‘too ordinary’. There’s a nice balance already between Jim’s attempts at crime fighting and the family’s other pursuits. But I can feel a need for more – more heroics, more action. Don’t have the series falling into the standard TV family tropes that we’ve seen a million times before.

With the developing curiosity of Stephanie’s boss, I wouldn’t be so sure that their trip to the Amazon was a co-incidence. It would be interesting if she’d been sent there to become exposed to whatever gave the family their powers and is now under scrutiny to see how those powers are developing. And wouldn’t it be interesting to watch the whole family have to band together to fight off Global Tech’s minions? (Global Tech – fantastically dreary generic company name right there)

A massive improvement on previous episodes, this gave us a hint at where No Ordinary Family could go in the future.

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