No Ordinary Family Season 1 Finale: No Ordinary Beginning

Trust me to tune into No Ordinary Family on the eve of the season finale. I’ll bet I wasn’t alone though – due to some of the weak early episodes, the series just didn’t make it onto my ‘essential viewing’ list.

However, it was a shock to me how far No Ordinary Family had come in the handful of episodes I’d missed. Katie was pregnant, the family had developed awesome mastery of their powers, George looked like he was sweet on Katie. Lucy Lawless had swapped her Spartacus toga parties to play a hammy corporate villain. I much preferred her in togas, but I digress…

No Ordinary Beginning was jam-packed with action from start to finish. JJ gets kidnapped. Creepy teacher Litchfield gets killed after failing for the last time to get JJ to complete the equations. Dr. King gets fired by Lucy Lawless, briefly sides with the Powells, then SHOOTS JIM IN THE CHEST while Jim is temporarily without his superpowers. Yes, it seems Dr. King has the hots for Stephanie and wants the stocky, bald, love of her life, out of the way.

Elsewhere, there are two Joshuas knocking about – one in the super-prison that JJ’s being held in and the other trying to reconcile with Katie. Guess which is the real Joshua?

JJ also works out the highly-prized formula for making powers permanent – basically pure terror plus airborne trilsettum. Sadly, Evil Lucy takes this knowledge and loads up a plane with convicts to turn them into super-mercenaries. The bigger question is – what makes her think that she can control the convicts when they have powers?

The Gripping Final Showdown

Things get interesting on a number of levels – the Powells break into the facility where JJ is being held and use super-teamwork to bust inside and take out the armed guard. Unfortunately for them, they get taken out by the oldest trick in the book – the sleeping gas in the lift.

It’s actually nefarious Dr. King who rescues Stephanie, JJ and Daphne from execution – but he offers to ‘free’ Jim himself while Stephanie gets the kids to safety. Of course, he uses the opportunity to riddle Jim with bullets, not before declaring his love for Stephanie. And then King wanders off to ‘protect’ her family. It was a fantastic moment – did they really kill Jim Powell? – until Jim strides into the hangar and confronts King. 

King takes a dose of trilsettum and becomes super-powered and manages to fight off the family’s attack on him. However, Stephanie races off to retrieve the antidote, and JJ throws the syringe into King’s face. With his powers depleted, King’s cancer goes nuts and chews up his body. It’s a rather gross end, and I really wish Jim had checked that he was really dead! I reckon King could be revived, don’t you?

George ends up trapped on the plane with the convicts – which means that he’s most likely to get superpowers! Cause for celebration! Now, if No Ordinary Family gets renewed, who else is hoping he becomes the Frozone to Jim’s Mr Incredible?

And Katie goes into premature labour after the two Joshuas meet in her house. She has her baby, but it seems to be dead…until a green glow signifies that the baby is alive and well and…possibly superpowered.

Finally, with everyone back at home, the Powells receive a visit from Agent Hawkins. That’s right, the government wants their unique skills in recapturing the now-powerful convicts that are at large. Obviously, this is awesome news – because I think Stephanie might be out of work now and the family needs the money. But seriously, this means that the family can be proper superheroes.

The writers have been careful to load this episode with reasons to renew the series – if No Ordinary Family returns next year, we can look forward to super-babies, super-George and possibly spandex costumes (Julie Benz in spandex? Yum…), though possibly not for Jim. As a season finale, this was one of the strongest I’ve seen in a while, and kudos to the entire cast and crew for turning this into a strong superhero story. Others have tried and failed, and I reckon there’s hope for No Ordinary Family – just give it a second season!


  1. Gerard McGarry

    That’s actually a shame, because I thought they set up some interesting ideas for a second season. And wasn’t Chiklis an executive producer on No Ordinart Family? That’s not a vote of confidence!

  2. TrueSatan

    Giving Chiklis that role might just as easily be seen as an apology for the lack of success of the project they persuaded him to front. I don’t blame Chiklis or Benz for the failure of the series…the scripts though…ugh…the scripts!

    Even in the finale the scripting was woeful…consider the minimal explanation fro Chiklis being seen to be wounded (which he would not have been were his powers active) yet surviving and arriving exactly when most needed. Consider the horribly wooden and contrived lines given to the lead bad guy…they must have taken all of two minutes to write on the back of a fag packet for all the effort that appeared to have gone into them.

    The ideas behind the series could have had potential if the script writing and show running had been good enough…the actors were not to blame.

  3. Gerard McGarry

    I know what you’re saying, although I frequently write that deficiency down to the fact that the show was never intended to be high art. It’s the same with a lot of shows, really.

    Don’t know that I agree about the acting. I’ve got a lot of love for Chiklis, who manages to be warm, paternal and funny for the most part. But I feel that Julie Benz often falls into the trap of operating on only one emotional level. 

    What else are you watching at the moment, TrueSatan? What’s recommended?

  4. TrueSatan

    American Chopper (revitalised with the new format but I could do without the antics and wish for more engineering)
    Boardwalk Empire (Excellent…period)
    The Borgias (such a pity Derek Jacobi only had a walk-on part as pitting him against Jeremy irons would have had huge potential but still very good if historically inaccurate)
    Breakout Kings (some plot flaws but pretty good all the same)
    Burn Notice (still has life in it after several good seasons)
    Castle (formulaic but not too awful)
    The Chicago Code (OK rather than good but certainly watchable)
    Chuck (run out of steam and might be best cancelled but it had its moments)
    Covert Affairs (OK rather than good but watchable)
    Dexter (One of my favourites and never fails to be worth watching…Julie Benz was rather good in it)
    Doctor Who (I’m a Brit and though it lacks a lot far too much of the time this is as good Sci-Fi as my country is producing at the moment…sad to say)
    Endgame (A Canadian series that is well worth seeking out and has some novel ideas)
    Eureka (OK I’m a Sci-Fi fan and I admit it)
    The Event (don’t know why I bother with it but as I’ve watched thus far I’ll endure it until cancellation at the end of the first season…so reminiscent of Flash Forward’s fate)
    Fringe(Sci-Fi and not that great either)
    The Glades (Rather good with an interesting setting and involving characters)
    Haven (A bit slow at times but has it’s moments)
    Hawaii Five O (The best remake of an old series in a long time…more of a reboot really but still)
    House (Hugh Laurie…enough said)
    Hung (Yes I admit to watching it…quite fun at times)
    Justified (It would struggle not to be good with Timothy Oliphant and Walton Goggins in the frame and it doesn’t disappoint)
    The Killing (So far excellent)
    Leverage (some thin plots at times but overall worth seeing)
    The Listener (Another Canadian series…a Sci-Fi too and with frequent appearances of excellent actors from one of the best Canadian Sci-Fi series in decades…ReGenesis)
    Lost Girl (A very good fantasy series that takes the current fascination with occult characters (vampires, warewolves etc) and pushes it up a notch)
    Luther (A British procedural (a term only the Americans use) police drama…and a very good one)
    Memphis Beat (none of it shot in Memphis yet it has the appearance of that flavour…nicely done and very good)
    Misfits (a British minority viewer channel effort that has won considerable critical acclaim…very gritty and dealing with low-life characters in fantasy settings)
    Mythbusters (Irresistible to this Engineering graduate…who then landed up going back to Uni to do accountancy…nevermind, still an engineer at heart)
    Nikita (I’m on the bubble with this one…sometimes good sometimes not)
    Off The Map (I expect cancellation soon (two of the main leads already have other series options should it be cancelled) but it’s not bad and has been given a tough time slot)
    Pioneer One (Internet only independent production and a very good one)
    Primeval (A British Sci-Fi/Fantasy that often tends to be excellent special effects looking for a plot)
    Rizzoli & Isles (could do with a far harder edge to it but not bad all the same)
    Rookie Blue (I’ll probably give up on it soon if it doesn’t get grittier as the life it depicts is really rather gritty and all it gives is soft soaped portrayals)
    Royal Pains (very good…I hooked into it as British actress Reeshma Shetty was involved and have found it to be a light hearted but extremely well produced product)
    Rush (Australian procedural Police drama…about the best that that country’s TV has to offer)
    Sanctuary (well it’s sci-fi/fantasy so you’d expect me to watch it…low budget shows at times)
    Sherlock (British modern drama based on Conan-Doyle’s characters in a modern setting…very good)
    S**t My Dad Says (The only US comedy I can find that crosses the Atlantic with its humour intact…why do Americans who frequently say “cr*p” have such a problem with the word S**t?)
    Spartacus (I hope the cast change of the lead role leaves it worth watching…season one was exceptional)
    Stargate universe (Sci-Fi…enough said)
    Torchwood (guess what…it’s sci-fi)
    True Blood (excellent and I look forward to the new season of it)
    V (Sci-Fi again…yet the series needs to shape up or be cancelled)
    The Vampire Diaries (Lost’s Ian Somerhaler’s involvement drew me to it initially and the overall quality of the series has kept my attention)
    The Walking Dead (Sci-Fi/fantasy and probably the best of the current crop)
    Warehouse 13 (Sci-fi but not great Sci-fi)
    White Collar (always watchable)

    Quite a list and I wonder if some of the minority ones might find their way towards reviews from me…would the Pioneer One item be of interest?

    BTW if the site would have use of a custom Google Chrome Browser Webb App I could easily put one together for you…I’d need a 128×128 px .png image of your choosing and the desired URL to load.

    1. Gerard McGarry

      That’s a stunning list – far too many to respond to here, but I’ve watched a good few. Interesting that you picked up on Lost Girl too. I quite liked that one, and I believe it’s coming back for a second season too! Spartacus is another firm favourite of mine.

      By the way, any reviews/opinion pieces you want to write are more than welcome on the site. I’ve been behind on a lot of shows lately due to working on another site, but hoping to get back up to speed soon! I may just stop watching Nikita though. And The Event.

      Talk to me about the idea of a Google Chrome extension – I’d be intrerested to know more about how we can get one of those for the site! Do you want to message me with details?

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