Norway win the 2009 Eurovision song contest

23 year old Norwegian singer Alexander Rybak has won the Eurovision song contest for his country tonight. The Norwegians were the hot favourite to win tonight, and once they established their lead in the voting, there was no stopping them.

Did anyone else think Alexander Rybak was like the Norwegian Enrique Iglesias though? All he needed was the mole and Anna Kournikova and it would have completed the look.

I was watching the whole thing and commenting via the Unreality TV twitter feed, and a great time was had by all. Jonathan Ross was furiously liveblogging the whole thing with an amazing mix of wit and insight. And I’m not saying that to crawl up his ass, his tweets were very funny. As we the tweets of PopJustice.

For my part, I was hoping that a bunch of hot babes would win the competition tonight. Turkey looked like a viable competitor for a while but sank to around fifth place by the end. Romania never really charted, but their five-piece act was a babefest!

Startlingly, Germany’s act never really got off the ground, despite having burlesque honey Dita Von Teese on stage with them. The other more famous person onstage was Andrew Lloyd Webber, and maybe his presence was responsible for the high-ish votes the UK received, despite having a rather forgettable song.

Anyway, feel free to register your opinion about the Eurovision here – did Norway deserve to win, or do you feel cheated on behalf of another country?


  1. Gerard McGarry

    Heh heh, I hate it that these big media companies won’t allow us to embed their clips on our own sites! For one thing, making it embedabble would increase the number of views of the clip, making it more of a viral success, and the increased coverage would obviously add to promotion of the show.

    /rant over…for now.

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