Oasis Falling Down Review


It seems everyone has gone a little bit British crazy. Oasis opens their latest single “Falling Down,” with a rendition of a very English fanfare. This is the cut through with a strange techno sound, similar to someone singing in their bathroom.

This is not one of the band’s best works. The vocals are buried beneath the music, making it impossible to hear. Throughout the song, you never really know what is being sung.

The single, due to its video, is at the base of some controversy due to its depictions of Noel Gallagher refusing to shake the hands of royalty, because she is obsessed with parties, one night stands and drugs. Still as a band on their seventh album, Oasis are flying high with their own fan base, and don’t care if there’s controversy.

Is “Falling Down,” a chart topper? Not really.

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  1. Gerard McGarry

    Oasis have been around for so long now that even I have a grudging respect for them. They’ve kind of become part of the British rock aristocracy themselves.

    And while they’ve not pushed any boundaries recently, I’ve mostly enjoyed the material from Dig Out Your Soul.

  2. Matthew

    Fantastic song – their best of the decade in my opinion, as it does do something different from the usual Oasis by numbers songs.


    Noel’s vocals are great, but I agree that Dave Sardy has somewhat ruined it by his awful production work. Let’s just hope he doesn’t get his hands on Noel’s solo work or any possible Oasis future work (if they reunite of course).

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