Odd One In- Fun Saturday Night TV!

Odd One In is back on Saturday nights and is hosted by presenter and actor Bradley Walsh. This funny programme is a unique gameshow where panels have to decide who is the odd one in!

Bradley Walsh fits into the role well of presenting this funny gameshow and often bursts into laughter at the slightly strange and weird people in front of him. I seemed to miss this show when it was on last July and I am upset I missed it.  The show has two panels competing to win called the home and away team. The home team is the same people every week whom are Peter Andre and Jason Mansford. I think this is a strangely great choice and these two definitely make the show.

Their decisions on which person is the odd one in can be very hilarious and I really enjoy their funny remarks at the slightly weird and crazy people on stage. Peter Andre is surprisingly funny and his comments about Jordan were very comical although I could imagine her seething! The away team are different every week and last week consisted of Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes. This was a good choice and the married couple did rather well at guessing the right person.

The idea of the game is a group of often four or five people step out in front of the home and away teams and often say they have a particular skill or have a special talent. With these groups it is often extremely hard to guess which one is telling the truth with some very unlikely people saying they have a specific skill. Last week some of my favourites included the bunch of people who claimed they were Italian. This was a hard one with all of them having qualities and looks (apart from a couple!) which you might guess could be Italian. Surprisingly the operatic singer was the odd one in and was the correct Italian.

Another of my favourites was guessing which one was the real ‘royal. One woman pulled off the attitude and gave a believable story and was flirted with by Peter Andre but she turned out to be lying. There was also a little boy who had an interpreter but he could barely hold a straight face when the panel were questioning him, which was hilarious. There was also a guy who looked like they had got him from the audience who had a throne, which looked really face. This was an easy one to guess with the real prince keeping a straight face the whole time.

It was funny to see one of the people in the groups being recognisable from Celebrity Juice when he was totally naked and going at celebrities with Keith Lemon! I knew that he wasn’t the real one!

This show is a lot of fun to watch with family and friends and you will be laughing as you try and guess the correct odd one in!



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