Official Doctor Who picture of Matt Smith and Jenna Louise Coleman

Matt Smith and Jenna Louise ColemanWanted to quickly share this photo with you guys – the BBC have released a picture of new companion Jenna Louise Coleman on location with Matt Smith. Smith’s in costume as The Doctor, and I assume that Coleman’s wearing her companion gear as well.

As far as I’ve heard, the new companion is going to be called Clara. Has anybody else heard anything else about the character or is Moffat keeping that close to his chest for the moment?

Finally, loving the slightly darker new Doctor’s tweed jacket and bowtie. I’m hoping this new era of Who helps me fall in love with the show again, because as I said to Pirho a while back, I couldn’t even watch the Christmas special because the whole thing had become so silly and convoluted.

Who else is looking forward to the next season of Doctor Who?

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  1. Emperor Gregor

    I’m looking forward to the new season. Am a River Song fan and they promise she’ll be back. I think the show might go in an interesting new direction. Same as Star Trek, when they found they’d reached the end of the road, burned the canon and rebooted the series – a completely changed history so that none of the old stories are true any more. Those who know and love the old stories can remember them as occupying time and space in a former universe but not be restricted by them. 


    I suppose the 64 thousand dollar question is which of the Ponds bites the dust. Amy would be more heartbreaking; Rory would be more ironic, seeing as he has almost died so often.

  2. Emperor Gregor

    Just watched a pre-Xmas repeat of A Christmas Carol. I enjoyed it more second time around, which means I paid attention. And I spotted something I missed first time.

    It’s when the Doctor is being the Ghost of Christmas Future having failed to change Michael Gambon’s character sufficiently. In the cryochamber corridor they argue about loss, especially the loss of your beloved. The Doctor believes it’s better to have loved and lost than never loved. He’s leaning his shoulder against a cryochamber at the time, arms folded very defensively. When he’s asked what does he know about the loss of someone you love, the camera lingers on his shuttered face for a moment. Later, Gambon is talking about the years he has kept his beloved in a cryochamber, and how he has one day left to share with her. He asks how do you choose. And when. Where do you take your beloved for a final trip before the end. The Doctor is standing in exactly the same position as before, and the camera angle’s the same. Now he shuts his eyes for a moment in pain. Then Kathryn Jenkins exits her cryochamber with a big smile saying ‘It’s Christmas’. How could I possibly have missed this first time around?

    So the 64 thousand dollar question is who did he take for a final Christmas before the End? And what end? Can’t be River, unless they do Christmas at the Singing Towers, and anyway they haven’t been to America yet. It’s certainly the 906 Doctor not the 1106 one, because he comments to Gambon at one point that in 900 years in space time (not a thousand) he has never met anyone unimportant. I don’t think the reference is to Rose.

    I think it was his first wife, and his kids. Before he had to bring Gallifrey, and them, to an end. That’s why I think Christmas is so special to him, and why he works so hard to enjoy – when often he isn’t. And why he takes River to the Singing Towers not ice skating on the Thames at Christmas or something. And why he doesn’t – as River warned Amy just before she got stranded in the 1920s – like endings.

    What does everyone else think? 


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