Open Thread: The best music of 2009

December will soon be here, and the last month of 2009 will very quickly ebb away as we get ready for Christmas. Let’s do an open thread on Unreality Shout today – tell me your favourite music of 2009.

I’ve organised it into five groups – Singles, Albums, Music Videos, Solo Artists and Bands. Leave your answers in the comment thread, and I’ll share my favourites of 2009 there as well!

  1. Best Single
  2. Best Album
  3. Best Video
  4. Best Solo Artist
  5. Best Band

Over to you…


  1. Gerard McGarry

    OK, let me get this started. My faves of 2009 are

    1. Best Single: Lady Gaga – Poker Face – my opinion on this is likely to change whenever somebody suggests something else. But right now, Pokr Face (and Just Dance) still drive me wild when they come on the radio.
    2. Best Album: Still listening to Gaga’s The Fame, but technically my favourite albums this year haven’t been from this year: Neil Young’s Harvest, Kings Of Leon’s Only By The Night and Paramore’s Riot.
    3. Best Music Vid: Arggghhhh! Looking back over my single reviews of 2009, Jay-Z’s Empire State Of Mind stands out, awesome song and video, Shakira’s She Wolf for over the top provocation of a sexual kind. Certainly nothing by Britney Spears.
    4. Best solo artist: I could answer Lady Gaga to a lot of this, but I’m going to give Little Boots a shout-out here. Fantastic tunes, just great music. Didn’t need to go overboard on the image or flash her bits, she just won me over with the power of song.
    5. Best Band: I’m going to choose from the indie bands I’ve heard this year and nominate Jupiter One. If you haven’t heard these guys yet, you’re missing a musical treat – go and buy their album Sunshower to see what I mean.


  2. priyabhakta

    Okay so I’m not very good at this modern music video. I don’t listen to albums and I usually just find stuff so the years I associate with it may not in fact be the year of release but I tried this and failed. Here’s what I came up with so far though:

    1. Best Single: Human by The Killers.
    2. Best Album:
    3. Best Video: Strawberry Swing by Coldplay is pretty good (Link) and, of course, The Guild’s Do You Want To Date My Avatar (Link).
    4. Best Solo Artist:
    5. Best Band:

    Oh pap, I just realised I answered this as ‘of the decade’ not the year. Fail.


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