Operation Red Jericho by Joshua Mowll



Operation Red Jericho – Joshua Mowll


Before you pass this book over as being for kids then it is urged you read it. Operation Red Jericho is a thrill that people of all ages can enjoy.


Set in both 1920 and 2002, Operation Red Jericho follows a tale, pieced together from old documents. You become to spy as you follow Becca and Douglas MacKenzie, in their search for their missing parents. What they find stumble upon, is a secret meant to protect mankind.


Giving an Indiana Jones-esque adventure a new edge, this book looks like an artefact in its journal bound formant, and is therefore fun to touch, and read. It is almost fantasy, but keeps one foot in reality.


Become a part of the adventure with pull out pages, sketches and a thrilling story. You will want to keep reading this book, and leave you insatiable for more.


Buy From: £2.25 from Amazon

For Fans of: Phillip Pullman & Garth Nix

Follow up read: Operation Typhoon Shores by Joshua Mowll

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